Alternative Fuels should be encouraged in Turkey

June World Environment Day celebrated turkiyede alternative fuels should be encouraged
June World Environment Day celebrated turkiyede alternative fuels should be encouraged

The date of June 5, which was declared World Environment Day in memory of the first environmental conference held under the roof of the United Nations, is of greater importance this year with the coronavirus pandemic. kazanwas. Global Climate Change, air pollution, the gradual decrease of fresh and clean water resources, depletion of the ozone layer and many other problems are among the problems faced by humanity.

The world's largest manufacturer of alternative fuel systems in Turkey brc'n CEO Kadir Knitter, "LPG is among the most environmentally friendly alternative fuel options featured with a zero carbon footprint and low solids production. In addition to EU countries worldwide, incentives are applied to LPG vehicles in Japan, South Korea, Australia and England because they are environmentally friendly and economical. Although we are the first in Europe and the second in the world in the use of LPG vehicles, there is no step taken in terms of incentives. With the old laws that prevent LPG vehicles from entering the parking garages, we are not supporting environmentally friendly fuels, we become shackles. ”

The 'World Environment Day' announced in 1972 after the Environment Conference, which was held for the first time under the umbrella of the United Nations, has increased its importance every year due to global threats created by human beings such as Global Warming, air pollution, depletion of the ozone layer, deforestation policies and the increase of the urban population worldwide. .

The emergence of scientific studies linking the virus spread rate and lethality rate with air pollution makes World Environment Day even more meaningful this year.

While Harvard University's study in the USA revealed that coronavirus deaths increased in regions with high PM values, the research conducted by the University of Bologna showed that the virus could hang in the air by holding solid particles and travel long distances.

Before the World Environment Day, the European Union (EU) Commission has announced the largest 'Climate Change Prevention Package' in history of 750 billion Euros to prevent global warming and air pollution. The package will be used for sustainable sourced energy production, prevention of energy waste in buildings and more environmentally friendly transportation options. The package also includes a 20 billion Euro 'clean car' grant program.


The European Commission's 'clean car' grant to evaluate the world's largest manufacturer of alternative fuel technologies brc'n's Turkey CEO Kadir Knitter, "LPG used for almost 100 years and the technology developed. Since it is currently widely used, it has a wide distribution network and cheap conversion costs. According to the United Nations Climate Change Panel, the global warming potential of LPG (shortly the GWP factor) was determined to be zero. Also, the emission of solid particles (PM) that cause air pollution of LPG is 25 times less than coal, 10 times less than diesel and 30 percent less than gasoline. ”


Stating that LPG, which is considered as the most environmentally friendly alternative fuel, is supported with incentive packages all over the world. Vehicles with LPG proved their reliability with the 'ECER 67.01' standards, which are determined by the European Union and which are also mandatory in our country. Fuel tanks of LPG vehicles are produced from special alloy steel sheet. Sealing and safety under high pressure are provided with special systems we call multivalves. The LPG tanks put on the market used the expressions of 80 percent occupancy fire test called 'bonfire'.

'LPG deserves incentive'

Emphasizing that LPG, which is supported by worldwide incentive packages with its environmental and economic nature, deserves support in our country, Kadir Örücü said, “LPG provides both environmentally and economical transportation. Turkey ranking first in Europe in the use of LPG cars and ranks second in the world. We believe that LPG should be encouraged to prevent air pollution, global warming and economic loss in our country where autogas is used extensively. ”

'ONLY ALLOWED PARKING GARAGE implemented in Turkey'

The European Union, applied in our country 'ECR 67.01' is the standard by means of removing the label requirement, indicating that the LPG and indoor parking ban that long ago replaced expressing Knitter, "the EU's steps in this direction 5 million up LPG in Turkey makes it meaningless that the vehicle user is not taken into the parking garages. Although the statements of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization that it will lift 'parking garage bans' give hope to LPG vehicle owners, there is no step yet. Exposing LPG, which is encouraged by many countries with its environmental and economic nature, to prohibitions in our country, adversely affects vehicle owners, the environment and the economy of our country. ”

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