Call on World LPG Day: LPG is the Only Option for the Future

The only option for calling the world lpg day is lpg
The only option for calling the world lpg day is lpg

Announced by the World LPG Association (WLPGA), 7 June World LPG Day is celebrated every year to draw attention to the increasing number of motor vehicles and to emphasize that LPG is the cleanest alternative among fossil fuels. According to the figures of the Association of Vehicle Supply Manufacturers (TAYSAD), it was announced that there were 2018 billion motor vehicles in the world in 1,3. In 2020, this figure is estimated to approach 2 billion vehicles. According to WLPGA reports, this number will increase exponentially in the future with the economic developments in Southeast Asia, China, Latin America and Africa. In the WLPGA 2019 evaluation report, it was highlighted that every vehicle on traffic increases carbon emission and solid particle values, and it is stated that 'LPG is the only option for the future'. LPG has a '0' GWP factor (Global Warming Potential) compared to other fossil fuels, producing much less solid particles.

The June 7 LPG Day, which was announced by the World LPG Association (WLPGA) to emphasize this feature of the most environmentally friendly fossil fuel LPG known, is celebrated to raise awareness worldwide.

WLPGA's forecasting reports state that the number of motor vehicles that will increase exponentially in Southeastern Asia, Latin America and Africa countries, which have economic developments and increasing population, poses a great danger to our world. Equipped with new technology due to insufficient infrastructure and low income level in these countries,

The fact that expensive alternative fuel vehicles cannot be put into use creates important problems for the whole world, such as the consequences of Global Warming, air pollution and Global Warming, decreasing clean water resources, rising sea water levels, changing precipitation regime and drought.

In the 2019 forecast report published by WLPGA, it was emphasized that more than 27 million vehicles worldwide received energy from LPG, and it was emphasized that LPG has been used as an alternative fuel in motor vehicles for many years, and since LPG conversion can be realized at low costs, it is 'much more accessible' than other alternative fuel vehicles. .

Low tax rates and supported worldwide LPG vehicles with zero tax applied to transform parts of the world, the most in Turkey, Russia, South Korea, Poland, and is used in Ukraine. any incentive for most LPG vehicle hosting the conversion of LPG vehicles in Europe if Turkey does not apply.


World LPG Association member brc'n Turkey's CEO Kadir Knitter, "WLPGA shared their predictions each year, publishes detailed reports. We have seen the population increase exponentially in Latin America, Africa, Southeast Asia and Asian continents since 2000s. More people need more means of transportation. Transportation vehicles in underdeveloped and underdeveloped countries are also old technology vehicles that produce high carbon emissions and emit solid particles that pollute our air into the atmosphere. most countries using LPG vehicles all over the world Turkey, Russia, South Korea, Poland and Ukraine, also in other Eastern European countries are increasing the number of vehicles running on LPG. However, in countries where the number of vehicles is increasing, the use of LPG vehicles remains weak. While polluting diesel fuel with high global warming factor is banned in the European Union member countries, it continues to be used at high rates in Asia. If we want to reduce global warming and clean our air, we need to choose LPG, which has cheap conversion costs and is 57 percent more economical than other fuels all over the world. ”


According to WLPGA data, Australia, Canada, China, Japan, South Korea, Russia, Thailand, the UK, the USA and Algeria promote LPG with low fuel taxes. In France, Italy, the Netherlands, England, Japan, South Korea and the USA, LPG Conversion kits and ex-factory LPG vehicles are tax deducted. The world's largest alternative fuel technology manufacturer brc'n's Turkey CEO Kadir Knitter, "LPG vehicles are most commonly used as Turkey, Ukraine, Poland and the other eastern European countries, most needed in Latin America to LPG vehicles, Southeast Asia and Africa Unfortunately, LPG incentives are not implemented. Although more than 27 million LPG vehicles are a big figure compared to 2000's, it seems to be a very weak figure in the motor vehicle approaching 2 billion. "For a more livable world, LPG needs to see much more incentives."


Determined by the LPG vehicles in the European Union 'ECR 67.01' standards is equipped with appropriate equipment so that the EU countries in the means of removal of the tags to indicate the necessity that the LPG and indoor parking prohibited attention canceled many years ago BRC Turkey CEO Knitter, "ECR 67.01 standards are mandatory in EU member countries and in our country. While European vehicles that have been subjected to the same security tests can use parking garages, the parking ban in our country continues. With the old laws that prevent LPG vehicles from entering the parking garages, we are not supporting environmentally friendly fuels, we are becoming a fetter. "The privilege of passing through motorways and bridges, discounts on Motor Vehicles Tax, SCT reduction in LPG zero mileage purchases, tax reductions to be applied in LPG conversion equipment will play an important role in encouraging LPG vehicles."

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