Turkish Artist Signature on Pirelli Annual Report

Turkish artist's signature on the tire dvi pirelli's annual report
Turkish artist's signature on the tire dvi pirelli's annual report

The 2019 issue titled “The Road Ahead” of the Pirelli Annual Report, which has become a tradition for ten years, tells the story of the company by reaching beyond the numbers with the theme of 'flexibility'. This year, the task of enriching the report with the texts and illustrations to be published for the first time was entrusted to the great writer Emmanuel Carrère, the well-known non-fiction writer John Seabrook and a Turkish visual artist, illustrator Selman Hoşgör.

The authors and visual artists involved in the project therefore discussed the capacity to react, change and develop, which creates flexibility. This capacity, which is the quality of companies that can adapt their business models, products and services as their context evolves and thus protect and strengthen their identity, has also defined Pirelli for nearly 150 years. The project's flexibility theme, which was designed before the changes caused by Covid-19, inevitably gains a wider meaning with the emergence of the pandemic; Carrère's articles titled “Noon at our door” and Seabrook's “The Zoom brigata” are also a deep questioning about the urgency of the situation we passed through.

Eight illustrations of Selman Hoşgör accompany the two writers

The texts of the two writers are accompanied by eight illustrations by Turkish artist Selman Hoşgör, who has always managed to surprise, entertain and impress with her colorful, pleasant and dynamic style. Each panel contains one of the keywords that describe Pirelli: Artificial Intelligence, Changes, City of the Future, Connectivity, Flexibility, Intelligent mobility, Sustainability and Speed.

As part of the tradition of collaborating with writers and artists for many years, Pirelli continues to enrich its annual reports with the creative content of international people from the world of art and culture. For example, Naba di Milano school photography students were asked to interpret the sustainability theme for illustrations of the 2010 Annual Report. Graphic designer Stefan Glerum, who assumed the position in 2011, interpreted Pirelli's values ​​such as reliability, speed, technology and innovation, while New Yorker magazine cartoonist Liza Donnelly chose a group of university students from different parts of the world and deemed the most important for their future. he visualized and interpreted ten words representing values. In the 2012 Annual Report, writer and screenwriter Hanif Kureishi worked with ten international young talents to reinterpret the idea of ​​the "wheel" in the "Spinning the Wheel" project.

Many famous writers and artists contributed to Pirelli

In 2014, “street art” was the focus of the Pirelli Integrated Report. Marina Zumi from Brazil, Dome from Germany and Alexey Luka from Russia were featured in the report, with three works examining the typical themes of street art such as road, mobility and multiculturalism. In 2015, Pirelli asked modern calligraphy artist Russian Pokras Lampas to reflect the value of being "unique" using visual elements and fingerprints; hence the name of the report was “Every Mark is Unique”. The report also included author Javier Marias' article "Like the sentinel moon".

The 2017 Annual Report entitled “Data Meets Passion” met with Pirelli's digital transformation story with artistic and literary content by illustrator Emiliano Ponzi and international writers Tom McCarthy, Mohsin Hamid and Ted Chiang. The 2018 Annual Report is dedicated to the 25th anniversary of Pirelli's slogan, "Uncontrolled power is not power," known all over the world. In addition to the visuals depicting the concept, world-famous writers Adam Greenfield, Lisa Halliday and JR Moehringer were also included in the report.

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