Imamoglu, Rumeli Hisarüstü Asiyan Makes Investigations at the Funicular Site

imamoglu rumeli hisarustu asiyan investigated the funicular plant
imamoglu rumeli hisarustu asiyan investigated the funicular plant

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) President Ekrem İmamoğlu, President of the F07 Rumeli Hisarüstü-Aşiyan funicular line, the construction of which started on June 2017, 4, made examinations at the coastal construction site. After receiving information about the works from IMM Rail System Department Head Pelin Alpkökin, İmamoğlu went to the historical Aşiyan Cemetery, which hosts the symbolic names integrated with the city, together with Mahir Polat, Head of the IMM Cultural Heritage Department. İmamoğlu, respectively, the names of plane trees in Turkish Literature; Yahya Kemal Beyatlı visited the graves of Orhan Veli Kanık and Turgut Uyar. Imamoglu and Polat; He prayed in front of the tombs of Beyatlı, Kanık and Uyar.


In his cemetery visit, İmamoğlu devoted the longest time to Orhan Veli's tomb, which brought unforgettable poems to his 36-year short life. Polat gave İmamoğlu the following information about Orhan Veli's tombstone that was renewed in May 2016:

“In the past there was an amorphous stone block; Cemetery very suitable for Orhan Veli's identity, character, poetry, and civilian. Then Beykoz Municipality renovates this place. The design is also by Abidin Dino. There is an environment at the initiative of Sabahatin Eyüboğlu for those who want to get it done. It is a product of art environment, which includes very important calligraphers, and which protects its identity. This is an area that has evolved from not understanding the design a little, not understanding its identity a bit. I hope we can meet with the family, find a solution, and if you see fit, we will restore it. ”

İMAMOĞLU: “We will show that we are a loyal city”

İmamoğlu, who stated that he was personally interested in the subject, expressed his feelings with the following words: “My friends are the special people of Istanbul; Whoever the poet, writer or historian is, they carry out a work in their eternal resting place, in such a cemetery area, which is suitable for their identity and has a message for the cemetery, and they created a competition ground. I am so happy. Because, sometimes some decisions can turn into a meaningless form. For example, it was a work of the precious Abidin Dino that was ignored here. A work made with the initiative of Orhan Veli's artist friends at that time. It is our duty to design this and similar cemeteries in accordance with all their spirituality. I hope that with good results and beautiful designs, the areas that make you feel how loyal it is, will be presented to Istanbulites in this way. kazanwe will be gone.”


Orhan Veli Kanık, one of the leading poets of the "Garip" movement, born in Istanbul Beykoz in 1914, fell into the pit opened by the municipality on November 10, 1950, while he was walking on the street in Ankara at night. Kanık, who suffered a brain hemorrhage, died on 14 November 1950. A campaign was initiated for the construction of the tomb of Kanık, which was buried in Aşiyan Cemetery in Sarıyer, under the leadership of the famous poet Sabahattin Eyüboğlu. With the campaign supported by artists and readers, money was collected for the grave. The list of supporters was published in the Journal of Varlık, and money was collected in schools. Later, Abidin Dino designed the tomb. The building was built of pink granite by Nevzat Kemal. Emin Barın wrote the name of Orhan Veli in the inscription. Beykoz Municipality took action in 2016 for the monumental tomb, which is the historical meaning of Kanık, which was born in its own districts. The municipality received permission from the poet's publisher Yapi Kredi Publishing, the poet's 90-year-old sister Füruzan Yolyapan. In this way, an “architectural” project was prepared by the municipality and then Kanık's tomb was renewed in April 2016. Since then, discussions about Kanık's “renewed” tombstone have not ended.

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