Channels of Yenişehir to be established around Kanal Istanbul

channel plans of the new city to be established around Istanbul
channel plans of the new city to be established around Istanbul

The plan change made in December 2019 by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization for “Yenişehir”, which will be established in agricultural areas around Kanal Istanbul, was revised. The Ministry of Environment and Urbanization has been officially authorized for all zoning applications of Yenişehir, which covers an area of ​​approximately 37 thousand hectares, in the final plan. A “special project area” arrangement was also made for the projects to be developed in association with Kanal Istanbul.

According to the news of Özlem Güvemli from SÖZCÜ; The “European Side Reserve Building Area 23 / 2019 scaled Environmental Plan” approved by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization on 1 December 100.000 for “Yenişehir” was revised upon appeal applications. The plan change, which was approved on 22 June 2020, was suspended again. In December, the Ministry approved the plan prepared for Yenişehir, which will be installed around the canal, by jet speed, while the objection process for the EIA report of the Kanal Istanbul project continues.


It is planned to build residences, hotels, industrial sites, technoparks, universities, states, TIR-truck parks, congress and exhibition centers, camping areas, scout camps, sports facilities, fully equipped hospitals with Yenişehir, which is embedded in the environmental plan. In the last plan change of the ministry, which will be suspended for a month, the main elements of the project have been preserved.

With the change of plan, some arrangements were made on the borders of the area where Yenişehir will be established. Sultangazi district was removed from the plan and the Yenişehir area of ​​33 thousand 498 hectares decreased to 33 thousand 474 hectares. The size of the planning area is approximately 3 thousand hectares with the 37rd Airport. New city; It will cover 9 districts: Arnavutköy, Başakşehir, Avcılar, Küçükçekmece, Bakırköy, Eyüp, Bağcılar, Esenler, Bayrampaşa. In addition, the information that includes a total of 2 thousand 954 hectares of lake area, including Küçükçekmece Lake, Sazlıbosna Dam Lake and part of Terkos Lake, was included in the plan.


In the reserve building area, zoning application; Land and land arrangement, consolidation, tramping, transfer of property or zoning rights to another area, agreement will be made and approved by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization.


The definition of "special project area" was also introduced for Plana Kanal Istanbul. Regarding the special project area, “These are the areas that will be designed by associating with the waterway project. The exact boundaries of the area and usage decisions will be determined in the sub-scale plans ”.


It is stated that structures such as bridges, culverts, tunnels, port or coastal facility areas, recreation areas, and infrastructure transitions in the east-west direction will be determined in sub-scale plans with detailed studies to be carried out.


According to the last change in the planning area, 43.65 percent of which is agricultural area, the total agricultural area was announced as 12 thousand 594 hectares and the total pasture area was announced as 381 hectare. With the decision of the Provincial Soil Protection Board dated 2016, it was deemed appropriate to use agricultural lands in the reserve area for non-agricultural purposes.


According to the decisions of the Regional Board for the Protection of Cultural Heritage No. 1 in Istanbul, the sites were changed. The degree of the “Inland and Outside Beach Area Natural Protected Area” remaining within the borders of Avcılar-Küçükçekmece has been changed to “qualified natural protection area”. "To qualified natural protection areas"; Without the need for a zoning plan, unstable showers, changing cabinets, buffets, toilets, wooden piers and camping areas can be built. Küçükçekmece Soguksu Farm was added to the plan as “1st and 3rd degree natural protected area”.


An addition was made to the plan regarding the population planned to live in Yenişehir, which is the subject of discussion. It was noted that since the urban area in the planning area should be increased and ecologically sensitive areas should be included in nature-sensitive activities that do not contain dense populations, the future population would be limited to 500 thousand in addition to the population brought with the existing plans. It is stated that the population distributions in the reserve structure area will be determined in sub-scale plans.


It is stated that housing and tourism activities can be carried out together in the north of the planning area in order to decrease the pressure of construction on Terkos Lake. In the west of Kanal Istanbul, eco-tourism, health tourism area and in the east of the channel, usage decisions regarding the tourism region were created.

In these areas near the Terkos Lake of Arnavutköy district, west of the waterway; It is noted that the natural tourism potential of Istanbul such as adventure-oriented tourism, nature walking areas, horseback hiking will be evaluated. In this area; Stating that hotels, motels and other accommodation facilities, camping and caravan areas, scout camps, sports facilities, food and beverage facilities, socio-cultural facilities and recreation areas, horse farms, theme park, regional park, botanical garden and zoo can be constructed. The capacities of existing facilities should be limited and their development should be compatible with nature. Supporting tourism activities in these areas; low residential and commercial functions can be included in sub-scale plans ”.


In the plan, the following definition was made regarding the geography where Yenişehir is located: “Forest areas lying in the east-west, north-south direction and located in the north of the city are located. Climatic differences are observed between the north and south, and the differences are reflected in biodiversity and habitat diversity. It defines a structure where water resources and water basins are important in terms of self-sufficiency of the city and there is partly agricultural land around the area. ”


IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlu He had previously announced that there has been 2011 million square meters of land movement around Kanal Istanbul since 30 and that the first 3 companies with the largest lands were Arab companies. It was also revealed that the mother of the Emir of Qatar bought land on the route of Kanal Istanbul.

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