Treasury Approves for 13 Billion Lira Bursa Bandırma Railway Line

treasury approval for the billion lira bursa bandirma railway line
treasury approval for the billion lira bursa bandirma railway line

Though… In the economy, the wheels have started to spin, and with the steps of normalization, daily life has started to re-energize. There was even a normalization at abnormal speed.

It is also a fact that…

Home social, both public There was a difficult process in responsibility.

For example…

State and municipalities in the field of health It focused. Priority to human life He was given. Even if the number of cases is on the rise today, state and nation in the fight against the pandemic with Turkey He gave a good exam.

At the point reached, the current issues were started to be discussed again.


Event'i come to visit AK Party Bursa MPs Dr. Mustafa Esgin ve Refik Özen 'We openly asked e:

“Was public investments expected by Bursa negatively affected by the pandemic?"

Recalling the facts of the process, they said:

“Initially there was a delay because the construction sites had to close, but the work started again before the pandemic ended. For this reason, there was no serious hitch.

They gave examples:

“On the Mountain Road, works have been initiated by Orhaneli for Doğancı Tunnel. Now, in the second stage, works have started in the tunnel by Doğancı. There are two more tunnels to be built and they have been tendered. ”

They also reminded:

“17 kilometers of roads tendered between Erenler and Harmancık are being completed. Keles road expansion and Çaybaşı Ring Road are progressing. ”


“Yenişehir-Bilecik road was important for Bursa, it ends” They said and said that the roads that had begun continue.


When it comes to transportation, fast train came. They said:

“Bursa-Yenişehir-Osmaneli high speed train project continues. The issue of extending to Bandırma did not just get off the shelf, there were important developments.

They also explained that important development:

“The Treasury approved the 13 billion lira Bursa-Bandırma line. Thus, the tender process started. ”

They also added:

“Bursa-Gemlik train has not been abandoned either. Although there is no exact calendar, the project is being worked on. ”

Source: Ahmet Emin Yılmaz/Event

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