HS2 Railway Project Protested in England

hs railway project protested in england
hs railway project protested in england

The HS2028 speed train initiative, whose first phase is planned to be completed between 2031 and 2 in England, has attracted the reaction of environmentalists.

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A cluster of protesters decided to walk about 200 km along the railway line.

About 2 demonstrators from the phrase "The Destruction Rebellion" and "Stop HS100" started their actions at Curzon Street Station in Birmingham.

 Rural Areas Will Be Destroyed

It is argued that the initiative will destroy the countryside and create a huge financial burden on the country in time of deep economic crisis. Enterprise officials say many of the charges are wrong.

"The government continued to HS2 in a period where we urgently needed funding for our healthcare, economic recovery, and local transport networks," said Matthew Bishop. said.

HS2 Cost 106 Billion Pounds

It was noted that the speed of the 2 pounds, which was planned as £ 56 billion, of the speed train initiative HS106, which aims to unite the leading cities of the country in the north-south line, including London, Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds, has increased to XNUMX billion pounds.

 Spend Money on Economy, Not on Train

The cluster in question demands the use of money for the economic recovery of the state after the coronavirus outbreak to the scene of the transfer of money to the train initiative.

HS2 sözcüSü, he described the initiative as already having a valuable role in helping Britain's economic recovery, thanks to business and covenant opportunities.

 Carries 15 Thousand Passengers Per Hour

At the initiative, the trains are planned to reach up to 402 kilometers per hour, carrying 15 passengers on the north-south line in one hour.

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