16 New Buses Added to ESHOT Fleet in Izmir

New bus was added to the eshot fleet in Izmir
New bus was added to the eshot fleet in Izmir

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality put 12 local buses into service, with a price of 500 million 16 thousand. Mayor Soyer said, “We promised to grow our fleet every day by rejuvenating with state-of-the-art, nature-friendly, disabled-friendly, air-conditioned, low-floor, comfortable, environmentally friendly buses. Our 16 new buses that we put into the service of our fellow citizens are the requirement of our promise. ”

Continuing to strengthen its public transportation network with environmentally friendly and comfortable buses, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality has put into service 16 solo buses that will serve under the İZULAŞ company. With the addition of 16 buses produced by TEMSA to the fleet, the number of buses of İZULAŞ became 306. Together with 542 buses within the body of ESHOT General Directorate, the number of buses serving in public transportation in İzmir increased to 848. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor at the ceremony held due to the commissioning of the new buses. Tunç Soyer “We promised to grow our fleet by rejuvenating it with state-of-the-art, nature-friendly, disabled-friendly, air-conditioned, low-floor, comfortable and environmentally friendly buses. Today, our 16 new buses that we offer to the service of our compatriots are in line with this promise.”

Addressing the guests at the ceremony held in Gündoğdu Square, President Soyer said, “Today, we take another step in our goal of safe, nature-friendly and trouble-free public transportation in İzmir, and aim to increase the satisfaction of the people of Izmir in public transportation. We integrate our buses, rail transportation and ferries with bicycle transportation, and ensure that our fellow citizens receive the most comfortable public transportation service. ”

52 more buses coming

Stating that İZULAŞ A.Ş., which is one of the affiliates of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, has a very important place in public transportation in İzmir, Soyer said: “İZULAŞ continues its services in highway transportation with 290 city passenger buses and 9 tour buses today. It is. 290 units to Turkey's youngest and most environmentally friendly bus fleet by adding the number of vehicles we are issuing today more than 16 306 new buses. Similarly, we are increasing our fleet of approximately 1600 vehicles within our ESHOT General Directorate day by day, strengthening the public transportation of İzmir with modern, environmentally friendly and comfortable new vehicles. On December 2020, just before entering 30, we launched 15 new solo buses. Again, our ESHOT General Directorate bought 52 more buses with direct purchase from the State Materials Office. These vehicles will be put into service until the end of the year. ”

Support to domestic production

Turkey's local bus brand from TEMSA these tools with their support domestic production and they are intended to contribute to the national economy, emphasizing the President Soyer, "as all the buses joined the fleet of 16 new buses have also Euro 6 is in accordance with the emission standards in Turkey in Izmir on carbon emissions He contributes to being one of the leading cities. ”

Taking corona precautions

Reminding that all necessary measures are taken to prevent the spread of the epidemic in these buses, as in all our public transportation vehicles in Izmir due to the coronavirus epidemic, Minister Soyer said, “We will not dispose of the measure in our buses and other transportation vehicles that are regularly disinfected in order to overcome the pandemic with minimum damage. It is very important for our passengers to wear masks and pay attention to hygiene and safe distance. ”

Morale in the corona process

TEMSA Technical Sales Manager İrfan Özsevim stated that the number of buses serving at ESHOT and İZULAŞ has increased to 426 today. Özsevim pointed out that a troubled period was passed as a country due to coronavirus. “The purchase of these buses in this period gave morale to TEMSA employees and colleagues in our factory. I would like to thank our Metropolitan Municipality and wish the buses to be good for the people of Izmir and our municipality. ”

After the speeches, TEMSA owner Yaşar Özkan, together with TEMSA Technical Sales Manager İrfan Özsevim, gave President Soyer a large symbolic bus key and a bus model made of decorative.

Mayor of the Municipality, Abdül Batur, Bayraklı Mayor Serdar Sandal, Gaziemir Mayor Halil Arda, Menderes Mayor Mustafa Kayalar, Kemalpaşa Mayor Rıdvan Karakayalı, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Mayor Mustafa Özuslu, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Dr. Buğra Gökçe, ESHOT General Manager Erhan Bey, İZULAŞ General Manager Arda Şekercioğlu, councilors, municipal bureaucrats and TEMSA officials attended.

Eco-friendly, comfortable buses

TEMSA Avenue Plus model 12 meter air-conditioned solo buses were produced in accordance with Euro 6 emission criteria. It is equipped with technologies that reduce carbon emissions to a minimum and provide fuel saving with its superior security equipment and environmental features. The buses have a total capacity of 29 passengers, including 1 seated passengers, 70 wheelchair user and 100 standing passengers. The stepless doors on the buses also eliminate the problems experienced by pregnant, children, elderly and disabled passengers in public transportation. Many features such as entrance ramp designed for disabled citizens, safety locked parking space and panoramic glass that allow passengers to see outside easily make it possible for passengers to have a safe and comfortable journey. There are 6 security cameras in the buses to make the passengers feel safe. There is an automatic fire extinguishing system in buses. This system can detect any flame in the engine compartment and extinguish the fire by activating the automatic fire extinguishing system. A cost of 12.5 million average age of the fleet with new buses purchased ticketing system descended 5.5 was one of Turkey's youngest fleet. New buses are predominantly Karşıyaka and will serve in Bornova.

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