Sancaktepe Prof. Dr. Feriha Öz Emergency Hospital Opened

sancaktepe prof dr feriha oz emergency hospital opened
sancaktepe prof dr feriha oz emergency hospital opened

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Sancaktepe Prof. whose construction was completed. Dr. He participated in the opening of Feriha Öz Emergency Hospital. After the opening, President Erdoğan and Health Minister Fahrettin Koca toured the hospital.

In his speech, Prof. with all the teachers and citizens lost in the coronavirus epidemic. Dr. Erdogan wishing mercy to Feriha Öz said, “We are a nation of kadirşinas. We do not forget anyone who serves our country and sacrifices for this cause. That's why Prof. Dr. Feriha Öz, Professor at the hospital built in Yeşilköy. Dr. We named the name of Murat Dilmener. Thus, we engraved the names of our teachers who devoted their lives to human health and delivered their last breath while still working with great effort during the epidemic period. ”

Prof. to the city hospital built in Okmeydanı. Dr. Dr. Cemil Taşcıoğlu's hospital was restored in Hadımköy. He recalled the names of İsmail Niyazi Kurtümüş.

“We Target Health Tourism in Health and We Will Achieve It”

That the collapse of many because of the epidemic in the country's health system in the world pointing to Erdogan, "such a period in Turkey, using both existing facilities in the best possible way by creating new opportunities such as the well here it has come to a different location. We completed this hospital, which has an intensive care infrastructure, when its capacity is required, in a short period of two months. Also, the track right here. The same exists in Murat Dilmener. When any international patient wants to come here, he will land on the runway and come to the hospital immediately within walking distance. The treatment is over, he will immediately go where he should go with his plane. Ready for all, nationally or internationally. We aim for health tourism in health and we will achieve this. ”

Stating that they expect the number of foreign patients to reach 750 thousand last year, they will increase exponentially in the following years, Erdogan said, “I believe that the value of our country's health is understood much better during the epidemic process. As of now, demands have come from more than 190 countries, but we have sent health products to more than 90 countries at this point. ”

"The Importance of Turkey's General Health Insurance System Understood"

The world's most comprehensive and cost-effective general health insurance system in the process of outbreaks in Turkey, voicing the importance of developing a better understanding Erdogan stressed that none of the other countries have such a system.

“We Have More Services To Do To Our Country”

Professor Dr. Emphasizing that there is no longer an urgent need with the Feriha Öz Emergency Hospital, Erdogan said, “The pursuit of a nation that was wanted to be buried in history with the label of“ sick man ”just a century ago is the simplest expression of this fact. I hope we have more services to our country. Turkey, we will surely reach its 2023 targets, "he said.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Minister Fahrettin Koca said that the hospital, which was opened, will strengthen the health infrastructure with a new understanding and will bring a new alternative and a new vision in healthcare.

Reminding that the Kovid-19 pandemic teaches the world a lot, Koca said, “It has shown more than ever before about health investments and why investment in health should be at the center of development”.

Underlining that a strong health system, a developed infrastructure and a competent health army that does not hesitate to sacrifice are the most important power that keeps the society alive at such times, Koca said that the results of the developments in this field in the last 18 years have been seen all together, such as epidemic diseases as well as natural earthquake. He stated that they had also tested the preparation for disasters.

“These Places Will Be The Important Cornerstones Of The Public In Health Tourism”

Minister Koca said, “These hospitals were not designed as places that open their doors only in case of earthquakes, disasters and epidemics, and then turn off.” An important capacity for intensive care and palliative care patients kazanwe are getting confused. Dialysis patients will receive service from here. These places will be important cornerstones of the public in health tourism. It will make significant contributions to the growing health tourism, which makes Istanbul's health infrastructure ready for epidemics, earthquakes and all kinds of disasters.

Noting that it was completed in 45 days in a record time, Koca said, “The hospital consists of 2 blocks in 8 sections. The total area is 125 thousand square meters. It has a parking lot for 500 vehicles. In a 75 thousand square meter closed area, 432 of them are 1008 beds, including intensive care. It has sufficient laboratory and imaging facilities. All patient beds have the feature to be converted to intensive care when necessary. The hospital, which has 16 operating rooms with full-fledges, also has nearly 100 dialysis units that will meet the needs of chronic kidney patients. ”

"Prof. Dr. I wish our Feriha Öz teacher to keep his memory alive ”

"Prof. Dr. I wish that this emergency hospital, which will be referred to by the name of our Feriha Öz Hodja, to keep her memory alive and to provide contributions that will be a continuation of her efforts. Not only modern buildings, state-of-the-art devices, but also the culture, knowledge and wisdom we received from our teachers; I believe that we have left the love of people and the consciousness of serving people. ”

At the ceremony, Merhume Prof. Dr. Feriha Öz's son Prof. Dr. Ferhan Öz also made a speech.

After the opening, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Minister of Health. Fahrettin Koca and his accompanying Prof. Dr. He made examinations in Feriha Öz Emergency Hospital.

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