IETT flights to be applied on weekends in Istanbul

weekend iett expeditions
weekend iett expeditions

Curfews will be applied on Saturdays and Sundays (9 - 10 May). It is planned to organize 495 or 8 thousand 609 flights in total. There will be flights on the Metrobus line at 3 minutes intervals in the morning and evening hours. 70 buses were allocated for hospitals.

IETT will continue its services during the curfew. 2 vehicles on Saturday and 26 vehicles on Sunday were allocated for transportation of healthcare professionals to 37 hospitals, 33 of which are public, in Istanbul.

In buses, it is planned to make 495 flights with 480 even 8 vehicles on the Anatolian and European sides. In the event of passenger density, new vehicles will be added to the relevant lines immediately. In this way, the social distance will be preserved.

On the Metrobus line, there will be a 06-minute flight between 10 and 3 in the morning. Between 10 and 16, there will be a 10-minute flight on the Metrobus line. Between 16 and 20 in the evening, the frequency of the trips will be every 3 minutes. From 20:00 to 15:XNUMX, there will be a XNUMX-minute flight.

Departure times of our lines You can reach our address and our Mobiett application.

FROM 06:00 TO 10:00 3 MINUTES 1
FROM 10:00 TO 16:00 10 MINUTES 1
FROM 16:00 TO 20:00 3 MINUTES 1
FROM 20:00 TO 00:00 15 MINUTES 1

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