Japan's Air Self-Defense Force Space Operations Fleet Launched

Japan air space defense fleet established fleet of space operations
Japan air space defense fleet established fleet of space operations

The Japan Air Self Defense Forces officially launched the country's first 'Space Operations Fleet' at a ceremony held at the Ministry of Defense in Tokyo on May 18.

One of the Japan Air Self-Defense Force sözcü He told Janes that the fleet at Fuchu Air Base in western Tokyo currently consists of about 20 personnel, but that number is expected to increase to about 100 in the future.

The new fleet, which will conduct personnel training and system planning in collaboration with the Japan Aviation Research Agency (JAXA) and the US forces, will be tasked with operating a space surveillance system designed to avoid space crashes and satellites to avoid collisions in space.

The system, which includes the ground radar network, will carry out operations against the threats of satellite missile missiles, laser energy systems, mixing activities or killer satellites for satellites of Japan and / or the United States. It was announced that 472 million US dollars were allocated for the formation.

In addition, in 2019, the Ministry of Defense began to establish a space situational awareness system at the former station of the Japan Maritime Self Defense Forces in Sanyo Yamaguchi. (Source: DefenceTurk)

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