How will the new seating arrangement be on airplanes?

How will the new seating arrangement be on the aircrafts
How will the new seating arrangement be on the aircrafts

Bilal Ekşi, the general manager of THY, whose flights were suspended due to coronavirus measures and will start to operate again in June, said that no decision was taken that the seats would remain empty in the aircraft.

Turkish Airlines (THY), which suspended flights due to the Covid-19 pandemic, will restart flights on June 1. Bilal Ekşi, General Manager of Turkish Airlines (THY), answered one of the most curious questions among the new measures and practices in the flight industry.

Saying that a decision such as the empty side seats on the planes has not been taken yet, Ekşi said the following on his Twitter account:

“The question you're wondering!

Will the SIDE SEAT be empty on airplanes?

Answer: In the aviation and health authorities; ANY DIFFICULT DECISION HAS BEEN DON'T BE TAKEN FOR THE FOLLOWING, such as aircraft ventilation systems, HEPA filters and high risk of inflight transmission in scientific research. ”

The world is looking for an answer to the seating arrangement

On the other hand, Koniku Inc., an Airbus and Silicon Valley-based venture. With a project launched in partnership with Turkey, a response to the seating system is sought in aircraft.

The two companies started working to develop a device that has the potential to detect diseases with the sensors it has. According to Koniku Inc, the device sniffs the air and reports what's going on inside. It is stated that the device, which is still in the prototype stage, can be used in the airport and aircraft if the tests pass.

Will thy leaves leave the side seat empty

Italian armchair firm Aviointeriors, on the other hand, published the design study in which it sought to answer the question of how to make plane trips in the post-epidemic period. In the “Janus” seat design published by Aviointeriors from the Instagram account, glass panes are placed between the passengers to reduce the risk of spreading the coronavirus.

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