Last Minute: According to Presidential Decree, Additional Customs Tax Will Be Imposed On More Than 800 Products

additional product tax came
additional product tax came

According to the Presidential decision published in the official newspaper, more than 800 products were imposed an additional customs tax. Construction machinery and agricultural machinery will include cranes and some iron and steel products. It was stated that the decision was made to reduce the negative effects of the coronavirus epidemic on the economy and to protect the domestic industry against import pressure.

Additional taxes will be applied at a rate of 30 percent until September 2020, 30 and up to 1 percent after October 2020, 10.

To access the full text of the decree by including the GTIP numbers here Click here.

List of Products to Apply Additional Custom Tax

According to the "Additional Decision Regarding the Import Regime Decision" in the repeated issue of the Official Gazette, some goods that will be subject to additional customs tax are as follows:

  • Jewelery made of gold and precious stones
  • Refrigerators and freezers,
  • Dishwashers, washing machines, split air conditioners
  • Cooker and cooking appliances, water filters, turbochargers, engine parts, golf cart,
  • Fabric opening and wrapping machines, various hand and agricultural tools, metal articles,
  • Plaster construction materials, wooden doors and windows, prefabricated structures,
  • Iron-steel wires, ropes, cables, chains, copper wires, cables and ropes, flooring and upholstery, adhesive tapes, rubber sheets,
  • Time control devices, musical instruments, game instruments, skis and sports equipment, locks, hinges,
  • Scissors, brushes, zippers, lighters, hygienic products, tripods etc. and some miscellaneous products


Customs Tax is a type of tax charged by Customs in import and export. Customs Duty varies for each product. How much Customs Tax will be collected from which product is determined according to the Customs Tariff Statistics Position (GTIP) of the product. Customs Tariff Statistics Position can also be seen as HS Code, Tariff Code, Tariff Number. Therefore, the determination of the Customs Tariff Statistics Code is a very important start.

To access the full text listed according to HS Code here Click here.


Customs Tax is calculated by combining several different parameters. But it is very easy to calculate. Customs Tax is generally calculated on the Customs Tax Base. Customs Tax base is reached based on your item's CIF price. Customs Tax is collected over the Customs Tax Base of your goods in exchange of the Customs Tariff Statistics Position.

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