Istanbul Airport Completes Its First Year at Full Capacity

Istanbul airport completed its first year at full capacity
Istanbul airport completed its first year at full capacity

It all started exactly 1 year ago. As Istanbul Airport, we have realized the most successful and biggest transportation of the aviation sector with our stakeholders on April 6, 2019, to switch to service with full capacity operation.

Istanbul Airport has reached today's point by dealing with various difficulties at different stages from the construction phase to the opening period, from the opening to the transition to full capacity operations. of the most ambitious transport operation history of civil aviation "Great Migration 'as we call and this operation from the evidence of the nature of Turkey's logistical success, seamlessly Istanbul Airport from 47.300 tons of equipment Ataturk Airport, in a period of less than two days, 33 hours transportation completed with. As İGA, we managed a moving operation 45 km away from an open airport without any problems. In this respect, “Great Migration” has taken its place in the history of world aviation as a very comprehensive, yet successfully managed operation. The countries that can carry out such an operation in the world are limited in number. Our country has made a difference in aviation history by being among those countries. On April 6, 2019, Istanbul Airport went into full operation, doing what was said to be unable to frustrate the thoughts of some aviation authorities and opened a new page in the history of aviation.

We met our passengers with our privileged services at Istanbul Airport!

Our biggest target at Istanbul Airport; As an international airport, it was to provide a unique travel experience to all our passengers. I can say that we have achieved this goal with an approach that puts passenger satisfaction in the first year of full capacity operations at Istanbul Airport, with the services we offer, rich food and beverage and shopping venues, culture and art exhibitions.

Turkey with our airport advertising space, outdoor (OOH / Out-of-home) We manage about 15 percent of the advertising market. Our occupancy rates at the airport were around 70 percent on average, and we became the new address for top level advertisers. The area occupancy rate in Duty Free has reached 2020 percent as of March 98.4, spending per capita has increased 55 percent since the opening, 108 sub-operators and 33 classic duty free shops are operating. In private passenger services, we have performed above our targets in the last 1 year. While 445 thousand passengers benefited from our İGA Lounge service, we had the opportunity to offer these special passenger services to our 1.3 million guests in total.

On the food and beverage side; In the past year, 1 units were opened until March. Compared to April 67, the international air side expenditure per person increased by 2019 percent.

We knew we would achieve this success from the very first moment we set off, and we were sure of it! For a year, we have been acting with our shared mind, our corporate culture and our values ​​shedding light on us, and most importantly, we have an unforgettable experience with the customer satisfaction we offer to our passengers as a “team”.

We have made an additional payment of 6 million Euros to the state by IGA as a result of exceeding the 2019 million Euro International Passenger Income guaranteed by DHMI in the first operating year at Istanbul Airport, where we started the operation process with full capacity on 233,1 April 22,4. In this short period, in which we have completed our first year without using any resources of the state, we have become the focus of the international aviation community by achieving important successes.

As IGA, the operator of Istanbul Airport, we constantly renew ourselves in terms of travel experience. Currently, our 3rd track work is ongoing. We are planning to put this new track into operation on June 18, which will provide significant operational advantages. Wind roses around Istanbul Airport will be moved and removed before the end of this year and the construction of additional buildings will be completed. Everything of Istanbul Airport is in accordance with its schedule, going as planned.

In our first year, we served 64 million passengers and 74 airline companies!

As you all know, we experienced the Boeing 2019 MAX crisis, which deeply affected the aviation industry in 737. 24 737 MAX aircraft, which are in the fleet of Turkish Airlines, were withdrawn from flights for security reasons, as in the rest of the world. The coronavirus (COVID-2019) epidemic that occurred in Wuhan, China since January 2020, increased the capacity loss caused by such situations in 19. The rapid progression of this epidemic caused a serious decline in the aviation industry.

In this context, we hosted 6 million passengers and 2019 airline companies at Istanbul Airport in a period of approximately 31 year from April 2020, 1 to March 64, 74. In addition to the loss due to the 737 Max aircraft being on the ground, the days without flight during the relocation period and the transition to a gradual full-capacity operation until April 22 also prevented this number of passengers from going much higher today. In the coming days, the Turkish aviation industry will continue to grow much more rapidly.

The aviation industry has always been able to get out of such crises stronger, as in the past. We are always ready to take off!

As we all know; Life has come to a halt because of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic around the world. Epidemic; While changing the economy, society and our daily lives quickly, it brought our travel habits to a different point. As countries have had to close their borders, this has deeply affected the aviation world as well as many other sectors.

This process is not just a financial crisis. It will not take much time for people to return to their old habits in case of an atmosphere of trust after their homes are closed for weeks. As in the past, the aviation industry will overcome the effects of this crisis and will rise again.

At such times, one of the most important things is to support each other and act with the idea that “strength arises from unity”. Ultimately, we will catch the goals we set together, albeit a little delayed due to this epidemic, no one should doubt.

At Istanbul Airport, we will see more intense periods in terms of number of passengers and flights. Yet our first year with the success we have achieved in the aviation sector in Turkey have proved to the whole world that it is the right word. In the next process, not what the problem is; We must know that it is right to focus on how the solution will be with the changing world dynamics. We should always focus on the crisis.

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