prof dr murat dilmener
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Who is Murat Dilmener

Murat Dilmener was born in Istanbul in 1942. Prof Dr Murat Dilmener, who has 4 children, worked as a physician and academician at Istanbul University Cerrahpaşa Faculty of Medicine for many years. [more…]

unye port project comes to life
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Ünye Port Project Goes to Life

Ordu Metropolitan Municipality continues its activities that Ordu started to make more use of the sea and to open up investments for economic, social, tourism and employment. Metropolitan Municipality is strategically [more…]

Minibus fees were raised in Izmir.
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Minibus Fees Raised in Izmir

Within the scope of coronavirus epidemic measures in Izmir, tariff fees have been increased by an average of 50 lira in order to prevent damage to minibuses that can carry 1 percent of the vehicle capacity. Passenger in the city [more…]