22 Percent of Passengers Moved from Istanbul Airport

percent of passengers moved from istanbul airport
percent of passengers moved from istanbul airport

All airports in Turkey, this year's January-September period of time to be exercised thousand 161 259 453 million passengers traveled. 22 percent of passengers used Istanbul Airport.

At the Istanbul Airport, 9 monthly passengers traveled to 8 million 716 thousand 822 and 26 million 858 thousand 68 passengers.

During this period, 35 thousand 574 thousand 890 thousand 222 domestic and international flights were performed from the airport where 435 thousand 56 passengers were hosted. The 324 bin 166 of the flights was made on the inner line and the 111 bin XNUMX on the outer line.

In nine months, thousands 161 259 453 million people travel that uses the Airport of Istanbul xnumx's percent of all airports in Turkey was determined to accommodate passengers.

1 million was made 191 417 thousand domestic and international airports in Turkey during this period of time. 19 percent of these flights were conducted based on Istanbul Airport.

In the January-September period of this year, a total of 405 thousand 321 tons of baggage, crows and postal cargo were transported to and from Istanbul Airport. 64 bin 358 of the cargo was transported by domestic lines and 340 bin 963 was transported by international flights.

In the nine-month period, the total thousand 2 491 872 million tons of cargo transported xnumx's so this load with time held at the airport in Turkey was estimated that organized the expedition moved to Istanbul Airport.

219 thousand 403 commercial flight

In the first 9 this year, Istanbul Airport also left behind a busy period in commercial flights. 55 thousand 132 commercial flights including 164 thousand 271 in the domestic line and 219 thousand 403 in the outer line were organized from this airport.

During this period, xnumx's percent of commercial flights was made in Turkey from Istanbul Airport.

1 million in January-September 19 259 thousand commercial flights were carried out based all airports in Turkey. (SAE)

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