Fines Cut in Euro at Istanbul Airport

fines in euro at Istanbul airport
fines in euro at Istanbul airport

IGA, the operator of Istanbul Airport, was alleged to have fined the tenants at the airport over the euro.

According to the IGA's List of Penalties, Istanbul Airport operator, the tenants can be fined from 100 Euro to 100 thousand Euro.

Interesting criminal practices are also on the list. Bird, bat and so on. not being seen and notified of animals, leaving the barriers irregular, unauthorized entry into the service road, the rapid use of vehicles, leaving the doors and waste bins open, exhibiting a disturbing attitude to the passenger, entering the arm of the passenger, using the buggy off the route is very difficult for the tenants at the airport.

100 penalty up to one thousand euros

SözcüAccording to the report, the fines imposed by the airport operator are in the 3 stage. In the first repetition of the first penalty, 2 multiples of the penalty amount and in the second repetition, 4 multiplier is applied. Specifically, in the case of a repeat of the identified errors of enterprises for the third time 100 thousand euros penalty will be applied. Normally, the airports are controlled by the State Airports Authority (DHMI). However, in some build-operate-transfer airports such as Istanbul Airport, operating companies perform these audits instead of DHMİ. In this case, the companies themselves determine the controls and penalties.

Yeni New financing is created through penalties ”

Some operators claimed that the authorities had "formally ambushed" only to impose fines. Millions of euros due to penalties in some businesses suffered great losses were recorded. Another problem was that financial difficulties were experienced in the airport operation and new financing was created through penalties. The newspaper reached the IGA officials regarding the criminal list and allegations, but no return was made from the company.

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