Social Distance Inspections Tighter in Buses and Minibuses in Eskişehir

Social distance control in bus and dolmus in Eskisehir
Social distance control in bus and dolmus in Eskisehir

Within the scope of the Corona Virus Combat Action Plan, Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality tightened its inspections in police teams, buses and minibuses. The authorities, who stated that the vehicles cannot carry more than half the capacity of the vehicles as per the circular, stop the vehicles and also inform citizens about the corona virus.

The Metropolitan Municipality, which has been trying to prevent the spread of the corona virus epidemic with the measures it has taken since the beginning of March, continues its controls within the scope of the action plan it has implemented with determination. Police teams, who carry out price checks in cooperation with the Provincial Trade Directorate against those who want to turn the crisis into an opportunity, especially in markets and pharmacies, regularly carry out checks on public transportation vehicles. In this context, buses and minibuses are inspected by teams in areas with high passenger density, especially in Odunpazarı region and City Hospital region. With the circular sent by the Ministry of Interior, it was observed that the drivers, who were warned to carry less than half of the vehicle capacity, comply with the rule.

Stating that the citizens traveling in the vehicle are also informed by the police teams, the officials stated that the police are on duty 7/24 for the peace and security of the citizens.

Günceleme: 03/04/2020 13:07

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