Description of Tram Line from Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality

Tramline Statement from Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality: Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality announced that the delivery of the tram line crossing area could not be made to them yet because the Fast Train underground transition works, which have been carried out for a long time, could not be completed within the period specified in the protocol by TCDD and the High Speed ​​Train temporary line could not be removed.
In the statement made on the subject, it was stated that the Metropolitan Municipality had completed the work on the partially completed sections and said, “However, the fact that the temporary line of the high-speed train cannot be removed prevents the construction of the tram line works. For this reason, it is not possible to establish a permanent line connection to the tramway of Çarşı-SSK direction. Metropolitan Municipality has completed the necessary work in the places delivered. In the area where the tram crosses the train line, TCDD's work is still continuing. After the delivery of the place in the area required for the completion of the tram line, the Metropolitan Municipality teams will quickly complete their work on a 24-hour basis and the voyages will start on the Çarşı-SSK line.


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