High Speed ​​Train Will Not Come To Kayseri This Year

kayseri high speed train project is not in investment year
kayseri high speed train project is not in investment year

İYİ Party Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Council Member and Group Deputy Chairman Kazım Yücel reacted against the failure to bring the high-speed train to Kayseri and said, "Kayseri is a city punished by Ankara."

Kazım Yücel, Member of the IYI Party Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Council and Group Deputy, made a statement; In the 2020 investment budget, it reacted not to bring high-speed trains to Kayseri. Yucel, "that three months ago in the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, I share the Commission's Plan and Budget appropriations granted to Kayseri. Within this subject, I have told Kayseri that a budget of 3 million TL has been reserved among all ministries. With this budget, ministries of one third of Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality say 'We will spend in 463 year'. Half of this is related to our borrowing. This; He states that the highway that goes to Niğde will not come to Kayseri this year, and the high-speed train that our proxies express constantly will not come to Kayseri. We need to talk about politics in these days when the corona virus is a problem for our country. We are not talking about this, but Ankara is talking about Ankara-Karaman high-speed train. Karaman is a city that later became a city. I am in favor of the speed train going to all our provinces, but it is not as natural as sharing the fact that the high-speed train is not implemented in a city where we have so many deputies, and that the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure is not on the agenda, in a city that has 3 times the population of Karaman. This is being a lover of Kayseri and loving Kayseri. I have to share what is done with appreciation and what is not done with my fellow countrymen ”.


Saying “Kayseri is a city punished by Ankara,” Kazım Yücel said: “High-speed train will not come to Kayseri this year, there is no planning. Kayseri is a city punished by Ankara. There is no ministry budget to invest in Kayseri right now. Unfortunately, both our deputies and a mayor who can get this in Kayseri are not seen. When we met with Dursun Ataş, our İYİ Kayseri Deputy for 3 months, he said that nothing had been done to Kayseri, that our AK Party deputies had not brought any issues related to Kayseri to the agenda and did not try to take it in the budget. ”

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