Cemal Emir: High speed train and we insist at the airport

Corum Hittite Associations Confederation President Cemal Emir said that they "insist" on providing high-speed trains and an airport to Çorum.

Speaking at the Confederation's Çorum Workshop held at Anitta Hotel at the weekend, General President Cemal Emir reminded that the Hittite Associations Confederation has displayed a willing and positive attitude towards high-speed trains and airports since the day it was first established.

Reminding that Governor Ahmet Kara was preparing to attend the meeting on the subject, but the meeting was canceled, Emir said, “Our attitude in this direction is clear. We aim to create a strong lobby by addressing the high speed train and airport issue in our Workshop. As the Confederation, we will do our best to bring these two investments to our country as soon as possible. We are always ready to do whatever falls upon us in this regard. " He spoke in the form.



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