The Dependents' Wagons Are Removed At Osmaneli Train Station

In the train station of the Ottoman Empire, the wagons of the drug addicts were removed.
In the train station of the Ottoman Empire, the wagons of the drug addicts were removed.

Rusty wagons that were left to their fate in the train station of Osmaneli were removed. The wagons, which returned to the poison home and where the drug addicts resided, were taken from the State Railways.

Bilecik Train Station, the Bilecikhaber In his statement on the news he made, it was stated that the wagons of TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş. were removed by the relevant authorities and said, “4 wagons in the similar situation were removed from their locations in Bayırköy station together with the 5 wagons in Osmaneli station”.

In the statement, referring to the news under the heading 'Run-down wagons became a poison slot', it was said:

“The wagons at our Osmaneli station have completed the technical life and waited for recycling operations, and the wagons were TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş. Since it belongs to the legal entity, slaughter or displacement cannot be done by our institution.

Due to the fact that the wagons are physically devastated and open to the entrance and exit of 3rd parties, the relevant administration is notified to the relevant units in order to create necessary visual pollution and to prevent the unwanted incidents to occur due to the news.

As a result of the attempts made by the owner, the 4 wagons at the Osmaneli station, which are the subject of news and complaints, have been removed from their locations in 5 similar locations at the Bayırköy station in a similar situation ”.

Source:  Bilecikhab is 

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  1. Instead of keeping old wagons that are out of service and rotting, they should either shred and pour them and produce finished parts such as sabot junction box nozzle or if they cannot be sold, MKE should be given at a price