Permission Journey Has Been Organized in Büyük İstanbul Bus Terminal

In the big bus station in Istanbul, the journey with a permit has been issued.
In the big bus station in Istanbul, the journey with a permit has been issued.

After the Ministry of Interior imposed restrictions on intercity trips due to the coronavirus, there was a high density at the Grand Istanbul Bus Terminal. Stating that the intensity experienced in the last two days has decreased thanks to the measures taken, Bus Station Operation Manager Fahrettin Beşli also stated that the bus station and buses are regularly disinfected.

With the circular issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs due to the coronavirus, restrictive measures were introduced on intercity trips and bus trips from 28 March. The journey started with a Travel Document at the Grand Istanbul Bus Terminal. Thanks to the measures taken, it was observed that the density experienced in the bus station in the last two days has decreased.


Bus Station Operations Manager Fahrettin BeşliHe reminded that only patients who wanted to go to another city for treatment with a doctor's report, those who had a first-degree relative or died in another city, and those who did not stay in Istanbul for various reasons in the last 15 days were allowed to leave Istanbul by bus.

Beşli stated that the citizens who wanted to get permission from the Travel Permit Board, which was first created at the bus station on March 28, caused the density and that the Governorate distributed the authority to the district governorships, underlining that the citizens could only travel with the document obtained from the Travel Permission Rules.


Expressing that the Travel Permit Board created at the bus terminal also directs the passengers with permit documents to buses, Beşli gave the following information:

“When the number of passengers who have travel permit reaches the number 20 that fills half of a bus, the company applies to the commission at the bus station with the permit documents. Permission is given to the bus. In addition, police, police and paramedics control the exit doors of the bus station. Our medical officers, who checked a bus yesterday, detected a fever in one of the passengers and made it referred to the hospital, the exit of the bus was allowed from now on. The system will walk this way until the pandemic ends. We recommend that our citizens get their permits before coming to the bus terminal in order not to suffer. ”

Beşli noted that due to the fact that the majority of the passengers are those who want to come to Istanbul and go to their hometown, the bus services, which reach 15-20 daily, are expected to decrease.

Beşli said, “Since the number of buses decreases a lot, passengers should also be ready for connecting services. If they cannot find a bus until the city they will go to, they need to buy a ticket to go to the nearest city, ”he said.


Fahrettin Beşli said that the Grand Istanbul Bus Station was regularly washed and disinfected, and that he had preparations for the distribution of gloves and masks. "We are also working on the individual disinfection of all buses and all passengers entering the bus terminal," said Beşli.

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