50 percent discount on connecting boarding passes in Kocaeli

50 discount is applied on the transfer journeys of public transportation vehicles of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality. Passengers traveling with public buses and sea transportation pay half of the transportation fee when they take the public transport in a different line for their destination. Application, municipality and TransportationPark's buses and maritime vehicles are valid. 50 percent discount; Transfer is made from the low-cost line.


90 discount in the second vehicle in 50 minutes, the price of the XNUMX discount both to encourage public transportation, as well as to provide a more economical transportation. The aim is to reduce the rate of increasing individual vehicle ownership due to the lack of public transport and to reduce the number of vehicles coming to traffic.


On the boarding passes, Sabiha Gokcen line with the 250 complementary price is applied. For example, a bus from Karamürsel to go to Izmit with a public bus 6 TL is withdrawn. If the passenger wants to go to Sabiha Gökçen Airport by using the 250 line in İzmit and heading to 250, 13 TL is being withdrawn from the card to complete the 7 TL cost of the line. Thus, the citizen in Karamürsel to go to Sabiha Gokcen is paid a single fee.


This system of transmission was tested for approximately one year in bus and sea transportation. During this period, the citizens have benefited from the practice. With two vehicles, where there is no possibility of direct transportation, our citizens can reach the places where transportation is obligatory. In addition, the transfer between the sea transportation vehicles and bus lines is valid between the two modes of transportation is provided.

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