Salary Support Applications For Workers With Unpaid Leave Started

Applications for salary support to workers on free leave started
Applications for salary support to workers on free leave started

Family, Labor and Social Services Minister Zehra Zümrüt Selçuk announced that the Cash Payment Support application system has been launched today. Minister Selçuk said, “Our employers have notified SSI's notifications regarding our workers They can do this from today by choosing Covid-19 Free Permission Screen over. ” said.

“Up to 3 of the Month Following the Month for which Free Permission is Granted can be made”

Noting that the notifications will be made separately for each month of free leave, Minister Selçuk pointed out that there is no need for an additional application by the employees.

“After 15/03/2020, Those Who Fail To Be Eligible For Unemployment Benefits Will Also Be Supported With Cash Fee”

On the other hand, Minister Selçuk stated that those who have been terminated after 15/03/2020, but who have not been entitled to unemployment benefits, will be given Cash Wage Support, and stated that there is no need for these workers to make any applications other than their unemployment benefit application. However, those who were laid off after March 15 and did not apply for unemployment benefits, He stated that he can apply for unemployment benefits at or via e-Government.

“Cash Fee Support Will Be Paid From the 8th of the Month Following the Related Period”

Cash Remuneration Support will be paid by İŞKUR from the 15th of the following month to our employees who have been paid for unpaid leave, who have been dismissed after 8 March and are not eligible for unemployment benefits.

Minister Selcuk, on the subject of who will benefit from the Cash Fee Support application, “Our practice for our employees who are entitled to unpaid leave, who cannot benefit from our Short-Term Work Allowance, who are terminated after 15 March but are not eligible for unemployment benefits and who have not received an old-age pension.” He clarified in his words.

Minister Selçuk said, “In the process of combating coronavirus, we provide monthly income support to our workers for 1.177 TL during their free leave or unemployment.” used expressions.

Reminding that the employees benefiting from the Cash Fee Support and the family members they depend on will be considered as General Health Insurance, Minister Selçuk reiterated that the insurance premiums will be covered by the Unemployment Fund.

Günceleme: 26/03/2022 00:00

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