TÜVASAŞ 2020-2024 Period Strategic Plan

strategic plan of the tuvasas period
strategic plan of the tuvasas period

Turkey Wagon Industry Corporation (TÜVASAŞ) which was prepared for the period 2020-2024 Strategic Plan; The Eleventh Development Plan, the Medium Term Program, the Investment Program and the Strategic Planning Guide for Public Capital Enterprises were evaluated and approved to be put into effect.

Operating since 1951, TÜVASAŞ; It is the only public institution in our country that carries out manufacturing, repair, modernization and R&D studies in the passenger vehicle rail sector, providing administrative and technical support to consultancy and training activities and other institutions and organizations.

In recent years, as a result of the importance given to the railways and the large infrastructure investments made accordingly, high-tech new generation vehicle needs have emerged and the mission of our organization has increased.
While TÜVASAŞ is preparing its strategic plan for the 2020-2024 period; By using its knowledge, experience and infrastructure facilities even more efficiently, it has focused on the planning of activities for the domestic and national production of high speed train sets, electric train sets, metro and light rail system vehicles needed.

TÜVASAŞ has been commissioned to design, project and manufacture National Electric Train Sets with the aim of domestic and nationality as the policy of procuring new generation rail system vehicles that our country needs. In this way, the necessary infrastructure (aluminum body vehicle production workshop, sandblasting and painting workshops, final assembly workshops, etc.) has been created for the design, project and production of high-tech electric train sets and high-speed train sets and metro and light rail system vehicles.

Our institution, which carries out both the manufacturing and repair of rail system vehicles with its existing infrastructure, has made planning to transform its knowledge, skills, personnel and infrastructure to use in the manufacture of vehicles in urgent need of the country.

With our product portfolio that will be formed as a result of the works to be carried out within the scope of the plans, it is aimed to meet the demands that may arise in the international area, especially in the countries in our close geography.

While preparing the Strategic Plan, in design, project and production activities; Many goals, targets and performance indicators have been determined in order to reduce the dependency on foreign countries by developing the technical knowledge and infrastructures under the leadership of TÜVASAŞ, by taking the locality and nationality to the fore, to be a partner of all of its stakeholders.
With the realization of our Strategic Plan, which covers 2020-2024 and will guide us in reaching our goals, our country's current and future passenger rail vehicle needs will be met and our contribution to our country's economy will increase with the increase of our international market share.

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