Most Transportation Complaints Filed to İBB Beyaz Masa

ibb complained about the most access to the white table
ibb complained about the most access to the white table

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Istanbul Statistics Office evaluated the applications made to İBB White Table in January 2020. Applications made for the first time as newsletters will be announced regularly every month. In 900 thousand 189 applications, complaints about transportation took the first place.

Applications examined over the application period, application type, district and gender breakdown, were analyzed in 931 sub-topics and turned into a bulletin. Applications made to İBB White Table will be announced to the public with a bulletin that will be published every month.

900 thousand 189 applications were made in January

During January, a total of 900 applications, including requests for information, requests and complaints, were made to the İBB White Table. 189 percent of these were complaints, 11 percent were requests and 22,1 percent were requests for information.

19,1 percent of the applications were related to İGDAŞ, 22,9 percent to İSKİ and 57,9 percent to other service areas.

Complaints about transportation come first

Of the 84 thousand and 154 complaints, 7 thousand 821 were made for İGDAŞ and 7 thousand for ISKI.

While 73,3 percent of the complaints are related to transportation, 11,6 percent of them are related to the city and social order; When evaluated together with İSKİ and İGDAŞ, the total share of transportation in complaints was 62,3 percent.

Transportation was at the top of the request and social support services at the top of the request.

While the prominent sub-headings of the complaints are "no bus arrival", "rude behavior" and "violation of the stop / route"; in the prompt, "instant bus information", "İstanbulkart Gıda" and "İstanbul Halk Süt"; In the request applications, they were listed as "request for an appointment", "İstanbul Halk Süt" and "increasing public transportation flights".

Districts at the top of the list in transportation complaints Kadıköy (7,62 percent), Fatih (6,70 percent), Şişli (4,71 percent) and Bahçelievler (4,65 percent).

In complaints about the city and social order, Fatih (8,03 percent), Bahçelievler (6,01 percent), Kadıköy (5,58 percent), Küçükçekmece (5,23 percent) districts came to the fore in the ranking.

Most complaints, Kadıköy and Fatih districts

Looking at the distribution of the total complaints in the district Kadıköy and Fatih was seen to have a high share; 6,50 percent of them Kadıköy6,48 percent was about Fatih.

Esenyurt is the first in information and demand applications

In the request, 6,18 percent Esenyurt, 5,42 percent Fatih; In demand applications, Küçükçekmece took the first place with 5,62 percent of Esenyurt and 4,98 percent.

54 percent of the applications were made by men and 46 percent by women.

In complaints and requests for information, transportation-related issues came first in both men and women. Regarding the demand, men's transportation; women conveyed their demands on social support services.

The absence of buses, vulgar behavior and stop / route violations were the main complaint issues in men and women.

In the prompt, men's instant bus information, driver card and İstanbulkart Gıda; women applied for instant bus information, Istanbulkart Food and Istanbul Halk Sut.

On the other hand, while men make demands for increasing public transportation and citizens living on the streets; women, on the other hand, submitted their requests for appointment, Istanbul Halk Süt and İstanbulkart Gıda.

Eyüpsultan at İGDAŞ; Küçükçekmece in İSKİ

Eyüpsultan, Esenyurt and Arnavutköy took the first place in the district distribution of complaints about İGDAŞ. Küçükçekmece, Fatih and Esenyurt came to the fore in complaints about İSKİ.

While the most complaints in İGDAŞ are towards the meter and invoice; Asphalt maintenance and water failure in complaints about İSKİ.

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