Truck and Truck Garage Commenced in Nevşehir

Truck and tractor garage put into service in Nevsehir
Truck and tractor garage put into service in Nevsehir

With its completed Truck and Truck Garage, Nevşehir Municipality has implemented another project that Nevşehir has been in need for a long time. With the project, trucks and trucks that cause irregular parking in the city center and adversely affect the city traffic due to its bad appearance and congestion will have a regular parking area.

The construction of the Truck and Truck Garage, which was started a while ago in the Bekdik District next to the Intercity Bus Terminal by the Nevşehir Municipality Directorate of Science.

The facility, which offers safe and regular parking for truck and truck drivers and has an area of ​​18 thousand 200 square meters, was planted with wire mesh after the lighting poles were erected after the ground improvement works.

Mayor Rasim Arı, who made examinations in the Truck and Truck Garage with his Vice-Presidents İbrahim Yüzer, Ersan Erkut and Bektaş Demir, noted that the facility, whose title was completed, had been a huge deficiency in Nevşehir for years and this deficiency was eliminated with the investment made.

Stating that the works continue for the comfort and comfort of Nevşehir traffic, Arı stated that truck and truck garage is very important at this stage.

Reminding that they received a lot of demand from the tradesmen and citizens about the parking of heavy vehicles and before the elections, Arı pointed out that the facility was built in a region close to the industrial areas and intercity roads.

Arı said that trucks and trucks are parked on the streets and streets in the city, causing a very bad appearance in this area and causing serious damage to the infrastructure realized with millions of lira investment in the areas where the infrastructure is renewed. We promised we would build a truck garage. For this, we first searched for a suitable place in the city. We determined a place close to the industrial areas and intercity connecting roads and we started working immediately. Fortunately this place is in an area of ​​18 thousand 200 square meters and in a very convenient location. We realized this first in a way worthy of our city. With the opening of this place, trucks and trucks will not park on the streets or streets in the city. This was an important need for the city. ”

Arı also stated that they are planning to turn the facility, which is currently used as a Truck and Truck Garage, into a Logistics Center in the future, and stated that the Directorate of Science Affairs will make social facilities in addition to the facility.

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