Kanal Istanbul Statement by the Minister Institution

channel istanbul
channel istanbul

Environment and Urbanization Minister Murat Kurum made a statement on Kanal Istanbul. Ministers Authority, "Channel EIA process for Istanbul, Turkey's most well-attended, has been one of the most transparent process." said..

The institution said, “The EIA report of the Kanal Istanbul Project has been approved. Have you started working on the planned projects in the EIA report? ” On the question, he pointed out that the project is very important for the future of Istanbul, the struggle against earthquakes and urbanization.

Stating that the natural resources are protected with Kanal Istanbul, earthquake-related meeting areas, reserve residences are designed, R&D centers, smart city applications and a city with a population not exceeding 500 thousand are planned as follows:

“While designing the project, all environmental sensitivities were taken into consideration. Drinking water resources, all areas related to agriculture and forests are specified in detail in the EIA report that we have prepared. Project implementations will be made in line with this report. In the report, whatever the measures to be taken regarding the environment, nature and natural resources will be taken in this direction in practice. We have approved our report. We have also approved our 500/1 thousand environmental plan with a population prediction that will not exceed 100 thousand. Now we are making 5 thousand and thousand scale implementation plans and we have established a team for these plans. We have teachers in this team. Opinions of people from civil society organizations were taken. We have created a commission and unit where any ideas related to this important project for Istanbul will be discussed there. We carry out our works within the framework of that unit. ”

The Minister of Environment and Urbanization Institution said, “You seem to be in contradiction with the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality regarding the Canal Istanbul Project. It seems that some issues are not understood. Appeals and complaints process has been launched. How is this process managed? ” gave the following answer to the question:

“No matter who objections, we do what we know, we appreciate, we are not surprised by what we know, so far, for 18 years, AK Party has never been in power. We have always walked with our nation, and despite our nation, we have never done or done a job. We process what needs to be done and measures in our reports in this process. We endeavor to make our project by taking into consideration both objections regarding both the EIA report and our 100 thousand scale plans. After all, we believe it is a direct one. ”

Reminding that the Kanal Istanbul Project shared by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in 2011 was a project he designed during his mayor, Murat Kurum said, “When we shared this issue with our people, we saw that 52 percent of the majority supported the project of our President. After all, it is carried out with this understanding. Our Minister of Transport also announced that the project is in the tender phase. We show the projects that need to be done by supporting them. ” found the assessment.

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