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channel istanbul
channel istanbul

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan made statements about Kanal İstanbul in the joint broadcast of CNN TÜRK-Kanal D. Oğ If we can't find finance, we will do it with the national budget, Erd Erdogan said about the Kanal Istanbul Project.

Channel Istanbul, and the opposition front when the tender will be announced on the front of the auction, said Erdogan said there are questions, açıklan Once this is announced or not 'I find this question very abusive. Of course I explain what I mean. So we were now the Third Bridge in our era. We didn't explain, we did. Marmaray was built. We didn't explain, we did. It was Eurasia. Osmangazi was done. We explained all of this. We have already announced their auctions. Now this will be done again in the same way. ”

Erdogan, stressing that there are two important factors, said:

Bir One of them was planned once. The project work has also been completed. This is the most important thing. Plan, project. As for the financial point of the business, we can do this with BOT (build-operating-transfer). We do it with two national budgets. My desire is to do this with the BOT system. Why? Because a penny of money will not come out of our coffers According to the agreement we will do, the companies that load it also find their source and make this channel. My heart desires this because we do not leave the national budget. We found it, if we can't find it, we do it from the national budget. Will the Turkish budget be included in the national budget as soon as the Turkish contractors are involved? I believe that they have entered Istanbul Airport. Maybe they'il get the loan from the outside. They take this step with this credit they find. ”

Erdogan said that a message was thrown on the way to the program, said:

Da In that message, I say, unfortunately, at the time of the construction of the first bridge, I will not give the name of the newspaper, but you already know. It says there 50 years ago. 'The construction of the First Bridge is the disaster of Istanbul, he says. Look, the same mentality did it on the Second Bridge, and they did it on the third. One of the reasons that delayed us to finish Marmaray was this Chamber of Architects and Engineers. He did not promote any good work. Always stood in the face. Presidential Complex. The CHP is still dealing with it. The Council of State has a decision. It's all over. It's still a 'runaway'. ”

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