IMM SözcüLies to Murat Turhan's Metro Claim from Minister Murat Ongun

ibb spokesman murat ongun denying the allegation of turhanin metro
ibb spokesman murat ongun denying the allegation of turhanin metro

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Sözcüsu Murat Ongun, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Cahit Turhan Istanbul Basaksehir will open in the city hospital about the subway to reach the statements responded to the social media account.

Ongun said, ülerek We regret that some of our Ministers have made it a habit to make misleading statements about IMM and our President Ekrem İmamoğlu. Minister of Transport Turhan, 'İmamoğlu Başakşehir'de stopped the subway to reach the city hospital' statement is not true, ”he said.

Ongun's Twitter statements are as follows: Baş The Başakşehir-Kayaşehir metro line project, which was started in 2017, has been stalled since October 2018 as the tender was started without funding. Only 9 percent of the line is completed and 1,5 billion pounds are needed to finish.

Due to the opening of the City Hospital, excavations were resumed for the station in front of the hospital in April 2019, but the construction could not be continued by the previous administration due to financial insufficiency.

Only 1 percent of 25 station was built. As such, the motivation behind misleading information given to the public by a Minister is thought-provoking.

Our efforts to inform the public in a healthy and transparent manner will continue. ”

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