Napoli Fans Join Şirinevler Metro Station (Video)

Supporters of Naples have added Şirinevler Metro Station to each other.
During the Champions League match between Besiktas and Napoli, a group of pre-season fans used the subway to go to the match. In the Şirinevler Metro, Italian hooligans who were selling their fans to the Besiktas fans intervened and the fist-punched fight was reflected on the cameras.
Besiktas and Napoli to be played between the Champions League match to watch the Italian fans coming to Istanbul after the tension in the airport at the metro stop was also brought together. Şirinevler Metro Station, where the Italian hooligans met with Besiktas fans. The oral discussion between the two groups of fans later turned into a lump-up. Some fans were injured after the fist at the staircase of the Şirinevler Metro stop. This fight was reflected in the mobile phone cameras. After the fists at the subway stop in the images, the parties hit each other with flag sticks.
In the meantime, a citizen is holding his face. Then security intervenes. On the stairs, some Italian hooligans are starting to run towards the exit.

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