Truck Carrying Heavy Equipment Crashed at Train Level Crossing in Poland

tier carpti
tier carpti

In Poland, the driver of a truck carrying an excavator broke the barrier of the level crossing and tried to cross the railway and hit a train in his trailer. The moment of the accident was reflected in the security camera.

The incident occurred in the Zbaszyn region, in the Greater Polish Voivodeship, in the west of Poland. In the footage recorded by the railway security camera, it is seen that a truck carrying a construction machine breaks the closed barrier and enters the level crossing. In the images, it is seen that the rapidly arriving train hits the tractor that is about to complete its passage and knocks the backhoe machine on the road.

While two train drivers were injured in the accident, the truck driver escaped unscathed. Locomotive, truck and railway were damaged in the accident.

Authorities, drivers can be avoided 1 minute sabretmesiyle large accidents, the incident must be observed in the rules, he said.

📩 21/11/2021 09:00

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