Gaziantep Blue Private Public Buses Switched To The Pool System

gaziantep blue private public buses are going to the new system
gaziantep blue private public buses are going to the new system

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality has implemented new flights in blue private public buses for newly established neighborhoods and increasing public transportation demands, changed the system and switched to the pool system.

Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department pushed the button for the need for public transportation born in newly established and developing neighborhoods in the city. While the number of trips was increased with the arrangements made, the system changed. In this context, 19 blue private public buses in 184 lines switched to the pool system after yellow private public buses. With the new system, the public transportation system will be given in a better quality, efficient and citizen satisfaction. With the system that will start on Saturday, January 25, 2020, vehicles and in-vehicle equipment will be renewed and inspections will be carried out more regularly.

Metropolitan Municipality also created new lines to meet the public transportation needs of Beykent, Güneykent, İbni Sina, Karataş, Mavikent, Bülbülzade, Yeditepe, Beştepe, Şirinevler, Seyrantepe, Perilikaya, Göktürk, Ertuğrul Gazi and Kuzeyşehir, which are newly established and developing neighborhoods in the city, existing lines were revised. With these lines, the city traffic will be relaxed.


With the arrangement made by the Metropolitan, the lines of blue public buses are as follows: Line 1; Bus Station- Industry, Line 2; Bus Station- Yeditepe, Line 3; Gazikent- Mavikent, Line 4; Gazikent- Yeditepe, Line 5; Gazikent- İnönü Caddesi, Line 6; Bus Station- Children's Hospital, Line 7; Bus Station- Cemetery, Line 8; Karacaahmet Şehitkamil Wedding Hall- Karataş Line 2, No. 9; Bus Station - New Courthouse - Karataş 2 Line 10; Bus station- Karşıyaka- Karataş Line 2, Line 11; Bus Station- Kayaönü- Karataş Line 2, Line 12; Serinevler- Karataş Line 1, 13; Üçoklar- Brigade, Line 14; Düztepe- Karataş Line 2, Line 15; Üçoklar- Cemetery, Line 16; Karataş- University- Bus Station, Line 17; Beykent Toki- Karataş1 and 2, Line 18; 60. Yıl Mahallesi- GATEM, Line 19; Girne Neighborhood- Balıklı Park.



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