Gaziantep's Transportation Problem Discussed

Gaziantep Transportation Problem Discussed: Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation Planning and Rail Systems describes the master plan of transportation to non-governmental organizations and professional chambers operating in the city.
In this direction; Hasan Kömürcü, Head of the Department of Transportation Planning and Rail Systems, who came together with the members of the Chamber of Pharmacists, made a presentation about the traffic projects carried out in the city center within the scope of the transportation master plan. Expressing that the objectives of the city center traffic regulation projects are to increase the intersection service levels and to relieve the traffic, Kömürcü said, “We measured the service levels of each regulated intersection and we did the counts of the important intersections when the schools were open to see the real value of the traffic. With the left-turn prohibition implementations, we raised the service levels of the intersections from F and E level, which is considered to be bad, to C level. "We have improved the delay times in the intersections up to 70 percent."
In addition, although the distance extension in some places with the left turn left in a shorter time reaches the places where they want to transfer the vehicles Kömürcü, Maternity Junction shared the previous and next. Kömürcü said:
“We worked on how to achieve maximum efficiency with the least restriction in order to find a solution to this that the birthhouse intersection does not remove the existing traffic with its previous form. The vehicles restricted at this intersection are 1 percent of the total traffic volume at the intersection. With this work, we expect an improvement of around 50 percent from the intersection. As citizens living in the city, the most important one in the Gaziantep Transportation Master Plan is the 53-kilometer bicycle path and metro project, we should show more the minimum dedication to obeying the rules. In order for such projects to be successful, we must act more consciously in traffic and protect the work done together. "

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