AKP and MHP's Reaction to YHT Subscription Ticket Hike

yht subscription tickets hike akp and reaction from mhp
yht subscription tickets hike akp and reaction from mhp

TCDD's prostitution hike on High Speed ​​Train (YHT) subscription fees also came from AKP and MHP. AKP Parliamentary Speaker Orhan Durmuş said, “It is not possible to intimidate this hike,” while MHP Eskişehir Deputy Nurullah Sazak has submitted a question to the Turkish Grand National Assembly.

“The TCDD said we did not, but if there is such a hike, it is not possible for us to digest it. We cannot accept such an increase when the citizen is already in trouble, ”he said.

“This hike doesn't make sense. I cannot see this correctly. In such a period when the citizen suffers from a livelihood, this does not stop at us. We will do our best before our party to take this back. Because this is a situation that makes the citizen victimized. There won't be such a high rate of hike. ”

Resolution from MHP

MHP Eskişehir Deputy Metin Nurullah Sazak also asked a question proposal to Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Mehmet Cahit Turhan regarding the increase in YHT subscription prices. Nurullah Sazak said, “These hikes should be reviewed urgently” and stated that he will follow the situation. Emphasizing that “our citizens who adjust their budget according to subscription prices should not be victimized”, Sazak from MHP asked the following questions to Minister Cahit Turhan:

  • What are the new prices as a result of changing the discount rates for subscription cards? Why is there a high price increase for 30-day subscription prices? Why have the discount rates of these tickets been changed?
  • Is it planned to reduce the increase in prices to a reasonable level by reviewing the discount rates of subscription cards preferred especially by employees and students?
  • Is it planned to share the new prices transparently with the public in order to eliminate the public information pollution?
  • What is the discount amount applied on internet and mobile sales channels? Has there been a change in this amount?
  • Why are the discounts on business wagons such as children, youth, teachers, press, 60-64 years and over 65 years old removed?

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