Train Accidents Call for Resignation

call for resignation via corlu train accident
call for resignation via corlu train accident

Call for Resignation via Çorlu Train Accident; The Republican People's Party (CHP), who received the microphone in the 2020 budget negotiations of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure at the Parliamentary Planning and Budget Commission, İlhami Özcan Aygun, recalling the train accident in Sarılar; Istif Resignations occur after these accidents all over the world. In the meantime, everybody continues to work p. Aygun Minister M. Cahit Turhan'a harsh criticism of the agenda was addressed.

CHP Tekirdağ Deputy Dr. İlhami Özcan Aygun, in his speech at the TBMM Plan and Budget Committee; Emphasizing the words of Şeyh Edebali, 'Let the people live so that the state lives'; "Unfortunately, with the elimination of the Public Procurement Law under the AK Party rule, the struggle for rent has prevented human life" sözcüHe noted that.

AKP during the period of 11 fatal and injured hundreds of major train accidents that transfers CHP Aygun, Corlu 8 in Sarılar district 2018 July 25 lost in the train accident 13 citizen's life, 2018 December 9 citizen's life in the fast train XNUMX said he lost.

Dr. Gun All accidents are the result of neglect. The fact that these accidents cannot be prevented and continued shows that the Ministry of Transport and TCDD have not taken any courses. The fact that the former general manager, who was involved in these accidents, is rewarded with deputy is an indicator of this ”.

Çorlu 1. In the case of the train accident that started in the High Criminal Court, the Judge of the CHP Deputy Aygun stating that the decision to renew the expert, "State Railways 2 person in connection with both signaling, supply, maintenance work has aroused suspicion, but this committee, has not been accepted in the conscience of the nation. As a result, the court asked for the formation of a new Expert Panel. ”

Aygun addressed the New Expert Panel and listed all the negligence of the accident; stressed that the new delegation expects senior managers to demonstrate their responsibility in the accident.

I am responsible for the 250 bridge and 2 bin 500 culverts of the TCDD maintenance and repair officer on trial. I can't find workers and craftsmen. I can't grow up 'İlhami Özcan Aygun pointed out the statement, “We see that other staff complained about the inadequacy of the road guards. 11 has a thousand 394 kilometers iron network. You need the 1.200 road keeper. Will you get a new road guard? U he asked.

CHP Aygun, TCDD and the General Directorate of Meteorology to work in coordination and to assess the presence of instant rainfall, emphasizing that there are no staff; He called for koordinasyon Ensure this coordination now ”.


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