Season opened in Palandöken Ski Center

season opened in palandoken ski resort
season opened in palandoken ski resort

The season was opened with a magnificent ceremony held in Palandöken Ski Center. Chairman of the Parliamentary Security and Intelligence Commission Selami Altınok, Erzurum Governor Okay Memiş, Erzurum Mayor Mehmet Sekmen, AK Party Erzurum Province Chairman Mehmet Emin Öz, distinguished guests and members of the protocol attended by the ceremony Mayor Mehmet Sekmen, in his speech at the opening of the ski season, “Our Palandöken ski resort is one of the most special and valuable development potentials that Erzurum has,” he said.

Sek As we know, when we took over, there were no social facilities and investments in Palandöken that we see today, Başkan said President Sekmen. Today, we have dozens of facilities for the benefit of our people and ski lovers. In our ski center, where people cannot even find a place to leave their cars, we now have hundreds of parking lots, cafes, restaurants, entertainment, leisure and accommodation centers. With our high altitude camp centers, special areas designed for adrenaline and extreme sports, walking paths and many other activities, Palandöken has become the heart of tourism and the face flux of Erzurum. Moreover, apart from Palandöken, each of our districts has a distinct tourism potential and Erzurum also has its own characteristics in history and belief tourism.

Here we are planning to evaluate tourism in a multi-faceted way, we aim to spread tourism in Erzurum throughout the four seasons of the year. Moreover, we were able to do this to a great extent; In Palandöken, even in spring and summer, vitality is no longer lacking. In our hotels, where the leaves did not even move until winter, the occupancy rates have reached remarkable levels even in summer. Of course, our tourism investments will continue; winter tourism, culture, history, thermal, faith, congress, fair, health, plateau and extreme sports, such as all kinds of tourism in Erzurum will showcase the world showcase. Hopefully, we will connect Palandöken to Konaklı and Konaklı to Erzurum with our giant project we will implement. ”


Erzurum Governor Okay Memiş said, “We have created at least seven new runways. We completed the chairlift installation of Ejder 3200 Track. Now, we have completed the dragon 3200 Track, one of the most important and most valuable and professional tracks in the world, and opened it to the service of ski lovers. ”

attention they attained a length of about 100 km of slopes with the newly built runway in Palandöken Governor Memis, he continued: "Not only Turkey's snow quality is one of the world's few ski resorts in Palandöken. There is no other center where you can ski after 10 minutes after landing at the airport. It's not mine, it's a promise from the skiing authorities in the world. Our new hotel, our new runway next to them and are willing to Turkey's best season with our search and rescue teams. I invite all ski lovers and everyone interested in skiing to Erzurum. We sincerely believe that we will have a very good season with our governorship, metropolitan municipality and all our teams. Ardından After the speeches, the torch shows and animations made by the skiers drew attention. Citizens who enjoyed moments with the group İmera concert both had fun and skied. Meanwhile, concerts and other activities will be held for three days as part of the season opening organized by Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality.

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