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Kırşehir Ahi Evran University Rectorate In accordance with the provisions of the regulation on the procedures and principles related to the central examination and entrance exams to be applied to the appointments of the Academic Staff other than the Academic Staff published in the Official Gazette dated November 2547, 6 prepared on the basis of the 7th, 65th and 09th articles of the Law no. 2018 personnel will be recruited to the academic staff and research assistants whose qualifications and numbers are given below.


To carry the conditions specified in Article 1 of the Civil Servants Law No. 657-48.

2-A score of at least 70 from ALES and a score of at least 50 from the central foreign language exam accepted by the Council of Higher Education or equivalent score from an equivalent exam. The ALES score is 70 in the pre-evaluation and final evaluation stages of the applicants who wish to benefit from the central examination exemption.

3-The equivalence of the 4 and 5 grade systems to be used in the calculation of undergraduate graduation grade in the pre-assessment and final assessment stages is determined by the decision of Higher Education Council. The equivalence of the other grading systems to the 100 grading system is determined by the senates of higher education institutions.


In order to apply to the research assistant positions;

1- In applications for research assistants of state higher education institutions, it is required to be master's degree, doctorate or proficiency in art education student with thesis. Appointments to research assistants in higher education institutions shall be made within the scope of paragraph (d) of the first paragraph of Article 2547 in accordance with Article 38 of the Law No. 50.

2- Students who complete the maximum period of study defined in the regulation of postgraduate education published in the Official Gazette dated 06.02.2013 and numbered 28551 cannot apply to the announced research assistant positions as of 2016-2017 fall semester.

3- Research assistants who have been dismissed from their positions due to the expiry of their maximum education period from the date of 20 April 2016 published by the graduate education regulations until the fall of 2017 cannot apply to the research assistants' cadres announced due to the resumption of the maximum education periods in the fall term of 2016-2017.

4- ALES score type will be used for the candidate who applied to the Research Assistant staff from the department / department announced.

In order to apply for the teaching staff;

1- Candidates who will apply to the faculty members must have at least a master's degree with thesis or have to graduate from the programs that offer both undergraduate and graduate degrees.

2- Applications of non-thesis graduate graduates to academic staff; In the applications of the students who are registered to the non-thesis master's programs before 14/3/2016 and who have graduated from the non-thesis master's programs before 9/11/2018, they are required to be at least a graduate degree with thesis. the provisions of paragraph. Non-thesis graduates are appointed to the teaching staff for three years. In this context, those who are appointed are required to complete master's programs with thesis in their fields during the assignment period. Those who fail to complete the master's programs with thesis in their respective fields within the period are not reassigned.

3- The ALES score type in the field of bachelor's degree or the department / department / program announced by the candidate who applied to the faculty member will use the ALES score type in that field.


1- Petition (Name of the Department / Program / Program Name, Staff Title, TC Number, Correspondence Address, Telephone and E-mail) must be specified.

2- Resume

3- Copy of the central examination (ALES) certificate (with result control code)

4- Foreign language exam (YDS, YÖK-LANGUAGE or an equivalent exam accepted by YÖK). (The result is a control code / certified wet signed copy) (Vocational schools teaching staff is not required for foreign language)

5- Bachelor's and thesis master's diploma and provisional graduation documents (E-government documents with the data matrix are accepted at the preliminary evaluation stage. Non-e-government diploma / temporary graduation documents must be signed / sealed by the original or official institutions)

6- Approved wet signed / sealed undergraduate and graduate grade status certificate (Transcript)

7- A student certificate indicating that he / she is still a master and / or doctorate student in the desired field.

8- To certify that they are experienced in the required area of ​​the staff in accordance with the relevant regulation (if the service is officially approved by the institution, wet signed service certificate, if it is private sector, the social security institution will be received from the premium document and the relevant company or company will show the area of ​​work will be approved signed)

9- Two passport photos (taken in the last 6 months)

10- Military status certificate (not to be related to military service as stated in Article 657, paragraph 48 of Article 6 of the Law, not to have come to military age, to have served military service or to have been postponed or transferred to reserve class)

11- Criminal record.

12- Photocopy of Identity


1- Central exams are not required for those who have completed doctorate or medicine, dentistry, pharmacy and veterinary medicine expertise or proficiency in art, who will be appointed to the specialization fields of vocational schools determined by Higher Education Council, and who have worked or worked in academic staff in higher education institutions.

2- Foreign language requirement is not required for the applications to be made to the teaching staff of the vocational schools except the teaching staff in the scope of the fourth paragraph of Article 6 of this Regulation.


1- Applications can be made in person or by mail. Applications that cannot be made within the time specified in the advertisement due to postal delays are not taken into consideration.

2- The status of the applicants and the candidates is and no further notification will be made.

3-The applications of candidates who apply to more than one of the cadres specified in the declaration shall be deemed invalid.

4-In case the documents requested by the original or official institutions are not approved, the candidates will not be evaluated.

5-The original or approved copy of the certificate showing that the equivalence of the diplomas obtained from abroad is approved by the Higher Education Council should be attached to the applications.

6-If it is determined that it does not meet one of the above mentioned conditions even though it is entitled to be appointed or one of the required documents is missing, its appointment shall not be made. Even if it has been appointed, the assignment shall be canceled.


LISTING DATE 26.12.2019
EXAM DATE 27.01.2020
APPLICATION PLACE Kırşehir Ahi Evran University Rectorate Head of Personnel Department
APPLICATION Personal or Mail

1- The exams of the candidates who will apply to the teaching staff and research assistants will be made in writing.
2- The exams of the candidates who will apply to the positions of Priority Areas Research Assistants will be held orally.
3- Exam locations will be announced on our website.

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