Istanbul Metro Transported Nearly 700 Million Passengers

istanbul metro close to million passengers
istanbul metro close to million passengers

Istanbul Metro Transported Nearly 700 Million Passengers; The metro, which was preferred for fast and comfortable transportation, served Istanbul residents at full speed in 2019 as well. Our trains carried around 700 million passengers throughout the year.

Metro Istanbul, a subsidiary of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), announced the 2019 data. Accordingly, the interest of the residents of Istanbul in 2019 was also great. Our trains worked over 850 thousand hours during the year and covered nearly 100 million kilometers.

Nearly 450 thousand vehicles were withdrawn from traffic…

In 2, we carried close to 2019 million passengers with our trains serving more than 700 million passengers per day. In this way, approximately 450 thousand vehicles were drawn from Istanbul traffic. In order to offer a safe and comfortable journey to its passengers, we conducted 100 thousand station inspections during the year.

Our stations also hosted art…

As Metro Istanbul, we support cultural activities and make room for artists in our stations. In 2019, nearly 100 exhibitions were held at metro stations, and nearly 200 musicians performed their music 15 times.

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