Channel Istanbul Response from İmamoğlu to Minister Turhan: People Canceled the Project on June 23

imamoglundan minister turhana channel istanbul response people canceled the project in june
imamoglundan minister turhana channel istanbul response people canceled the project in june

Canal Istanbul Response from Imamoglu to Minister Turhan: The People Canceled the Project on June 23; Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) President Ekrem Imamoglu visited MHP, IYI Party and CHP groups before the live meeting of the Assembly. Emphasizing that their common issues with each party are “Istanbul”, İmamoğlu answered the questions of journalists after the visits.

Imamoglu, Transport Minister Mehmet Cahit Turhan, the Channel Istanbul project, "We protested with the IMM," the question about the words, "2012, 2014, 2015, 2016, even in the 2018'de there are protocols between the authorities in the institution. But the protocol, Mr. Minister, you think, we have signed the work is over. If the Minister is going to save an autograph or ruin Istanbul's autograph, he should not be sorry, he didn't do any research on this subject. I always warn Mr. Minister that he will make a statement by investigating and analyzing the process in depth. But unfortunately the unfortunate explanation. In addition, 23 June 2019'da this kind of retrospective and all such agreements have already canceled the public ”replied.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) President Ekrem Imamoglu, before the Assembly session, respectively MHP, GOOD Party and CHP members, visited the group hall in the central building of Saraçhane. During the visits, İmamoğlu was accompanied by CHP Group Vice President Doğan Subaşı. Imamoglu made the first visit to the MHP group. Wishing success to the Mayor of Silivri Volkan Yılmaz and MHP members, İmamoğlu said, “This week is a busy week. Budget week. We're gonna talk about 2020. I hope it's a good result. After a few months of intense transition, we said let's visit you. We would also like to hear your warnings or what you want to express if you are aware of the importance of this week. ” Yilmaz expressed his pleasure as Imamoglu's visit to the MHP group and said, “Each of us owes a debt to this ancient city. We are in everything that will benefit Istanbul. We will be with you both in our debt to Istanbul and in our debt to this country. We want you to know that ”.


İYİ Party group was the second stop of İmamoğlu. IYI Party Istanbul Provincial Chairman Buğra Kavuncu accompanied his party friends. In his speech here, İmamoğlu said, “We had a grueling year. We are in the preparation period for 2020. Our strategic plan and budget are on the agenda. So there is an intense content. I think we are going through a different period, especially in the strategic plan preparation. It has been a more inclusive and community-based process. Thanks İYİ Party also participated in us. We will tell people in the same language in the Assembly, and we hope 2020 will have a good start. I see that they manage a harmonious process. Besides, the offers of the GOOD party give us direction. I would like to thank our friends on this subject in the presence of our provincial president, ”he said.


İmamoğlu made his last visit to the CHP group. Emphasizing that they had to start their duties with a 3-month delay due to the intense election processes, İmamoğlu said, “Since we started 3 months late, it came to us in December, with the strategic plan and budget overlapping. Hopefully, this week, we will consult the process about the two in the best way and plan 2020 together. We will also have planned a 5-year strategic plan altogether. Our priority is Istanbul and the future of Istanbul. We can all represent our parties, but you know at least as well as I do that we need to act with the sense of achieving preparation for the future, respecting the public interest and the history of this city from the moment we enter the parliament. Therefore, I hope we can make the right decision with a truly distinguished attitude, exemplary attitude, dialogue attitude and effort, ”he said.


"Turkey is another process that middle age," said İmamoğlu, "Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, is experiencing a different power process. When we come after 25 years, it is not normal to expect everything to normalize suddenly. It is also not right to wait for everything to become accustomed after one day, 3 months, 5 months. It's not human. So you have become in power, you have lost… Inevitably, an adjustment process will pass. Therefore, he said, “We understand you” and said, “You are right, but that is the case. Let's say, let's work together for Istanbul ”. This is an important thing. If you normally take 3 deep breaths and speak, you should take 13 deep breaths and talk. This attitude benefits Istanbul. Istanbul is a city where you need to breathe very deeply and do the right things. Deficiencies and mistakes are paying dearly. And unfortunately, we see a lot of people who do not hesitate to defend the wrong because of a political party or someone said and run after it. I'm sorry. I see people advocating the wrong both at the top of the state and here. But we have to rehabilitate the society and the process. I hope there is a period that starts with a good day and we will end with a good week ”.


Imamoglu, party visits, then passed the cameras, answered questions from journalists. Imamoglu, "AK Party did not visit the group why," the question, "We asked for an appointment from the AK Party, but today said they would do group meetings in their provincial buildings. However, we could not stop by because they said they would catch up with the parliament, but I will express the same ideas to the members of the AK Party from the parliamentary chair ”. Imamoglu, “Budget negotiations will be held. What kind of parliament do you expect ”. Imamoglu, this question, “Of course there will be discussions. To meet in common mind to win the important people of Istanbul. Some political sentences can be said so that certain segments can hear me. That's true for every political party. But this is really where decisions about the management of this public budget are made. So at the end of the day, we should act and decide with the common sense, the right sense and with the concern of how we can do the right thing for 16 million people living in this city. Since the decision will continue on Friday, perhaps the details of the budget will not be discussed today, but another day will be discussed. Decisions will be made. After all, we're going to have a big week. Both the strategic plan, which is formed by the interaction of almost one thousand people 250, perhaps a strategic plan that is formed with an inclusion that is not very common in world history will be on the agenda. Again, I hope the budget and the road map of 2020 would be beneficial for Istanbul ”.


IMM President, “The Minister of Transport said that there are cooperation protocols between IMM and relevant ministries at the implementation point of the Kanal Istanbul project. Is there a new protocol? If there are protocols signed in previous periods, what will be the fate, will there be termination ”.
“In 2012, 2014, 2015, 2016 and even 2018, there are protocols made with the authorities of that period within the institution. But the protocol, Mr. Minister, you think, we have signed the work is over. If the Minister is going to save an autograph or ruin Istanbul's autograph, he should not be sorry, he didn't do any research on this subject. I always warn Mr. Minister that he will make a statement by investigating and analyzing the process in depth. Let me warn you again. But unfortunately the unfortunate explanation. Moreover, 23 June 2019'da this kind of retrospective and all such agreements have already canceled the public.

A new era has begun. In other words, a new era has begun. In this respect, 2019 23 As of June, we look at the issues of Istanbul from a different perspective. The benefit of society or the benefit of this city? When we look at that view, our opinion about Kanal Istanbul is clear. I understand that Mr. 16 has not yet felt this clarity in front of millions of people. Will understand. Agreements with no legal validity. In Example X, there are all deals in 2014, whatever in 2015. 'Let your Bimtaş company make this plan. Mutual protocols so that your organization completes this process' They are not binding and valid. The Ministry writes, but there are institutions that receive and interpret that notification. My friends will already write the necessary answers. About why it is invalid or what action should be taken. I would like to underline that such issues will not happen with the protocol. In other words, it is as if we sold a place as IMM, the ministry bought it, the job is over değil It is not such a thing. We are talking about the lives of 16 million people. So we're talking about the elements that threaten this city. I'm telling you again. Another unfortunate Transportation Minister statement with empty content. ”


İmamoğlu said, “Is the problem with state banks still continuing? Do you have a search for external resources at this stage? To the question, "It will not end, it will always be our search for external resources. Whenever there is a change in state banks, I will gladly inform you first. I will say 'Look how good loans they opened, they give and they are helping.' Make no mistake ”answered. Journalists asking about the lawsuit process regarding İmamoğlu, Haydarpaşa and Sirkeci stations said, “The case continues. One day before the deadline for the last objection, State Railways gave its defense. We are waiting for the decision of the court. We expect the law to take a decision protecting the conscience and morality of the society. When we analyze all the processes of law on this issue, and when we receive the opinions of the lawyers, it is not possible to complete such a tender. We expect the law to make the right decision ”.

“We didn't come to hear these hatreds İN

Imamoglu, “Personnel services tender has been concluded” to the question, “As far as I know it has not yet concluded. My friends are investigating. Of course, what is looked at in the tender is the thing that is looked at between who received the most appropriate tender and who did not, and the process of its supervision. That's how we look at the process. In the past he received the tender, now he will look shallow to the event as he is receiving it. We look at it as follows: Is there any injustice or irregularity? Or is there again unfair competition? I told my friends, 'study it.' We're examining him. As a mayor, I am not interested in names, persons. Their interest continues, I see. But I'm not interested in that. (By referring to some media groups) Their interest continues to us. We also have to teach many people and many institutions about moral behavior. Because the country needs to see good examples. We did not come to these authorities to hate, not to hate. We're here to lead a fair process. In this sense, we continue our way. But if there is still an unfair competition, I've instructed, 'Analyze this. I said, 'Look at that eye.' But if someone deserves it at the end of the day, then he'il do his job with strict supervision. Strict supervision is not his. The same is true for everyone ”.



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