Channel Istanbul Response from İmamoğlu to Erdoğan: Not One Person But 16 Million People Know

imamoglundan erdogana channel istanbul response not a person knows a million people
imamoglundan erdogana channel istanbul response not a person knows a million people

Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Ekrem İmamoğlu“Canal Istanbul has been on the agenda since last week. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, referring to you, said, 'Let him mind his own business'. What will you say? I was elected mayor to protect the interests and rights of the society. Another interpretation of the sentence 'You sit down and do your work' means 'I know best'. I think 16 million knows best.”

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) President Ekrem İmamoğluAfter the Assembly meeting, where the 2020 budget was approved, answered journalists' questions about the agenda and the session. The questions asked to İmamoğlu and the answers given by the İBB President were as follows:

“I did not come to sit“

Channel Istanbul has been on the agenda since last week. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan also criticized you. 'Take care of' came to you criticism. What will you say about Erdogan's criticism?

It's been a long time since Mr. Mayor's mayor. Municipal law 18. Article, “Mayor; protects the rights of the municipality, the municipality and the municipality in their interests. ” Hence, I do not know which mayors worked with sitting business. I don't know whether such a tradition has occurred or not, it is about Istanbul. But I wasn't elected to be the mayor by sitting here, not working, not producing jobs. I was elected mayor to protect the interests and rights of society. 'You sit down,' another statement of the sentence, 'I know the best' means. I think 16 million knows the best. In this sense, I will follow the process to the end. I will work for the benefit of society. And I'm going to make sure that 16 millions of people get information to this end. We will benefit from people who know this business very well. We will speak this out loud in public. We will make the decision of the society, the benefit of the society, with the society and with common reason. The reason we do all of this is, in fact, the most valuable part of the choice we have given us, not to be silent, to talk. Everybody will talk. I will always speak as their representative. Whoever doesn't want to get used to it, better get used to this process. We'il hear more.


President Erdoğan said yesterday about Kanal Istanbul: acak It will create a big success in the world. We do not submit to the CHP wedge policy. Despite everything, 2023 will not be among our targets. Hedef Would you consider this issue?

We will betray the people of Istanbul so that if someone does, they will regret any project tomorrow, 'Yes' will not say.


It was criticized that the item on the AK Party's earthquake preparedness work in the budget was 65 percent lower than last year. Why is the lower share reserved?

Apart from our department, which conducts the earthquake process within our institution, we have different institutions, organizations and subsidiaries that transfer budget intensively such as KİPTAŞ. Here, the AK Party group has another point of criticism. It is valuable to realize it, not to write it on a budget. We need to see what's happening in the budget. There is a budget far below what is said, I think, at the level of 10. Therefore, we have written this figure to the budget this year. Looking at the earthquake and other issues, there are difficulties in preparing a budget in Istanbul. We're talking about dozens of construction sites. For more than a year, 1.5-2 has been standing for years, threatening construction sites. We will share this burden and their details with the community in 23 December. Considering all these, we had to prepare a budget that would balance the ability to make an equivalent budget and borrowing ability while making decisions about the completion of these processes on the one hand and the conclusion of these processes on the other hand. We think that we are preparing the right budget to not manipulate anyone and to deceive society in terms of managing 2020 correctly. The right budget was also unanimously decided. I would like to thank the AK Party, MHP and our alliance GOOD Party.


The garbage water transportation tender turned out to be half the price difference compared to last year. Why did this work last year at the 2 solid price?

If you have all the question mark in mind, you have my clear instructions. My friends are initiating investigations into all these tendering processes. In other words, we are chosen because we will not be a government that does not talk about the past, that is, as we talk about today's issues. Therefore, administrative processes of these processes will be initiated and monitored. Of course, we could not return to a retrospective inquiry before a tender was concluded. How was the tender a year ago? We haven't had a chance to criticize them, but now this data is our next concrete data. Now, of course we will look at this. Moreover when you put the cost growth of Turkey's really a significant difference in the middle.

YENİ We have just started our own tenders ”

You said you'd make the biggest savings from the auctions. Are there intermediaries? Why are unit prices high?

In Turkey, this is a reflection of the process I'm describing corruption because the public sector. Certainly, we know that the biggest difference in 2019 will be achieved by preventing the waste with the savings we will make in the tenders. We're predicting this right now. In fact, there are real differences in the expenditure budget that we have put forward that are not yet seen by the society. We, 10 thousand square meters, a budget item completed in the past period, 13 thousand square meters aim to do. We have this deep data. We have just started new tenders of our new era. We are doing our own tenders right now and we just started, we started this month. 2020 will continue. We will see the real differences at 2020 and we will never be indifferent to the past, we will investigate clearly. We will experience a period related to the 16 million people seeking legal rights. Otherwise, you will be involved in a non-corrupt public period. We did not come to be a partner in such a process.


Will one of the most debated issues at IMM be a live car tender?

Yes, it will be live and transparent. Actually, these are beginnings. Over time, we plan to give all our open tenders in full flow as far as possible. We want the public to see how processes mature and how they are. The rehabilitation or arrangements we wish cannot come to us in a moment, but we have great efforts in this regard.


Inside was widely criticized but the budget made but unanimously accepted. So much criticized budget, 'Yes' was said. What would happen with the majority of the Assembly if they said 'no'?

One fact is that the budget and the numbers have a reality. My life went through with this. Unfortunately, someone reads budgets from right to left, someone reads from left to right. One makes a top-down comment, one makes a bottom-up comment. In this sense, you have a high chance of explaining the budget with different comments. Unfortunately, the numbers have such a magic. Not good, of course. We will start budget reading and finance reading management courses at ISMEK. Because really, as our people, we don't know much what a budget means. An income and expense statement, equivalent budget çoğu We are not even interested in very simple terms as a public. What is said here should remain in the spirit of the Assembly. May the budget of the Assembly be beneficial to all of us.

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