Kanal Istanbul, West Istanbul Island and geopolitical risks

Kanal İstanbul Project was described as a proje Crazy Project arı by the ruling party and in April of the 2013 a High Planning Council decision was made for the project. With the recent statements made by the ruling, it is understood that the first stage of the 2018 project has reached its final stage. With the project that changed our physical geography, West Istanbul is now an island. Direct terrestrial liaison with Thrace is cut off. West Istanbul Island will be described as ada the island between Asia and the European continents Batı. According to the statements of SABAH newspaper, the route of Kanal Istanbul was selected and selected among the alternative of 5. According to this news, the 45,2 route will start from Kucukcekmece Lake isthmus and pass through Altinsehir and Sahintepe. In addition, in the Sea of ​​Marmara, 3 artificial islet will be constructed in the Black Sea Thrace by the use of excavation. The 65 billion-dollar project also envisions the construction of a container port to the Marmara and Black Sea out of the canal. According to the information we have learned from the press, Thrace will be linked to the 6 bridge. In addition, 6 bridges will be used for the passing of wild animals.


When the channel will face Turkey in Istanbul five years after completion scratch with a new geopolitical reality. Let's look at the demographic structure first. The 1600 area of ​​the West Istanbul island requires a new paradigm of defense and security with the 8 million square kilometers, the 5000 population. First of all, Western Istanbul Island is the most populous in Europe; It will be one of the most densely populated islands in the world. If we remind that 4500 people are falling to square kilometers in Singapore, the island state, Singapore of West Istanbul Island; or that the 2500 per square kilometer will pass the Chinese island of Macao. West Istanbul Island will be connected to Europe with 6 bridges and will be connected to three existing bridges and two tunnels. The transportation, food, all kinds of consumption goods that are needed by such a large population, and all kinds of activities concerning human life will use these bridges and tunnels as main arteries. If the connection lines are disconnected on the channel, the 8 million inhabitants of the island will not be able to access the Thracian land. The 150 meter width and the giant water channel at the depth of 25 will prevent this passage. (Restrictions created in terms of military strategy will be a separate issue.)


Let's approach the issue in the 'earthquake eri and disasters, which are the nearest danger for the island and have direct effects on national security. The extent to which the volume of the 150 meter and the height 25 meter will be affected by the energy that will be generated by the breakage of the water at the bottom of the sea in the expected Marmara earthquake; Do we know the possible impact of the geological change created in the region on the settlements to be established in and around this channel? Did scientists do modeling? In this context, do we have any information about the magnitude of the tsunami and sea rise that will occur after the earthquake or the magnitude of the geological risks that the channel will change in nature? The final route was chosen from among the five alternatives. How effective was the earthquake / tsunami risks in this election? Are the 8 million people living in West Istanbul Island modeled after the earthquake damage control, emergency response, triage, burial, feeding, transportation, security needs? Was the Crisis Management exercise tested at the desk? Is it possible to make an emergency evacuation of the 8 million in case of a nuclear collapse after an explosion similar to Fukushima or Chernobyl in existing nuclear reactors in Romania and Bulgaria, which are not only earthquakes but other natural disasters or our close neighbors in the Black Sea? If we think of the huge fluctuations in the US, which we are used to seeing every summer in the USA, can our people be kept under control in such cases they have never seen? Let 's consider how the main arteries in the movement of the 30-40 thousand people in the natural disasters derby matches how do we overcome this congestion in the island geography? Considering the low sea share of Istanbul transportation, how will this deficit be closed? The share of maritime transport in Istanbul's daily transportation is extremely low. (Only 13 per thousand of the 350 million passenger movement per day is provided by the sea.)


The negative effects of the Channel Istanbul Project and the new Marmara Islands project to be brought to our inland sea, Marmara, will be brought by scientists. In summary, the last nail will be stuck in the coffin of the Marmara Sea, which is still dying. The effects of this channel on the Montreux Convention are a separate issue. However, we can say that she is pregnant with serious de facto results. In fact, the channel actually corrupts the definition of the Turkish Straits, which is the basis of the Montreux Convention.


With this project, Turkey's industrial, financial, transportation and the service sector, especially tourism, in short, the economy of the Western Flagship Island Istanbul will become Turkey's geopolitical vulnerability, with a population of 8 million. In the future there will be a big crisis or war remain in each direction from domestic position with a very high risk of 1600 kilometers, the future of this island, not only in Istanbul, will affect the whole of Turkey. We must not forget our bitter experiences in the Balkan and Dardanelles Wars.

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