Light Rail System Turning to Tangle in Trabzon Continues to Discuss

light rail system which is turned to arapsacina in trabzon continues to be discussed
light rail system which is turned to arapsacina in trabzon continues to be discussed

The Light Rail System Project, which has longed for years in Trabzon and has been voiced by many groups but is still expected to be completed, continues to maintain its warmth on the agenda of Trabzon. The city closely followed the project in relation to the AK Party Metropolitan Municipality Councilor and the former President of the Mechanical Engineers Trabzon Branch Saban Bulbul, CHP Deputy Chairman of the Municipal Assembly Group Turgay Sahin and CHP Ortahisar Municipal Assembly Member Oktay Sogut made statements about the light rail system.


Regarding the Light Rail System, which is one of the most important projects that will add value in Trabzon, AK Party Metropolitan Municipality Council Member and former Chairman of Mechanical Engineers Trabzon Branch Şaban Bülbül said, “Trabzon deserves the light rail system. It will be carried out as predicted by our President.” said. CHP's Turgay Şahin, on the subject, said, “Projects fly in the air at election time. Saying, "They keep you waiting after they get votes," Oktay Söğüt said, since the city did not act with a common mind, the Light Rail System was transferred to the city. kazanHe claimed he couldn't.

The light rail system, which is one of the most exciting projects in Trabzon, keeps its warmth on the agenda of Trabzon. Former Mechanical Engineers Trabzon Branch Chairman Saban Bulbul, CHP Metropolitan Municipality Councilor Turgay Sahin and CHP Ortahisar Municipal Councilor Oktay Sogut made statements about the light rail system.


Former Mechanical Engineers Trabzon Branch President and Metropolitan Municipality Councilor Şaban Bülbül said, “Mayor Murat Zorluoğlu provided information about the light rail system. This project went to the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure. In Trabzon, the event is to determine where the rail system will pass the most profitable. Trabzon deserves a light rail system. As prescribed by our President. It is for the people of Trabzon to discuss and decide on the most profitable, most useful, points of this. The aim of the project is to go to the ministry so that there is no problem at later stages. Transportation was established by Mr. President. The Board of Transportation Inc. will be composed of experts in this field. Management staff will be announced up to a month. These issues will be discussed by much more sensitive, knowledgeable experts. All details about the light rail system will be discussed and decided. Feasibility study is being done. Cost calculations are made. I believe that Trabzon will not talk about the traffic problem after a year. Transportation Inc. will be established to solve the transportation problem in Trabzon, Trabzon will make a huge contribution. Transportation Inc., which will be managed by experts, will carry out much more serious work in the transportation solution, which is the real problem of the city. Belirt


Saying that the light rail system has been talked about for 18 years and could not be traveled, Oktay Söğüt, a member of the Municipal Assembly of Ortahisar, said: “In all metropolitan cities, light rail systems either exist or have started construction. It is a necessity of this age. There are close to 15 provinces in Turkey. In Trabzon, we are carrying people, not people. Light rail system is promised every election period. It is also the first word of our Metropolitan Mayor. The mayor of Ortahisar Municipality Ahmet Metin Genc also mentioned the first project in the election booklet even though he was not in his field. When we ask, we do the answer study. This is very serious. Mayor Zorluoğlu, I am in favor of getting opinions from everyone, from the mind-worker, the NGO, to those who have previously held this task, who are holding hand-pens for all the problems of Trabzon. Whatever the name, such as Transportation Inc., this business can not be solved by building beautiful names and building around them. The mistake in the viaduct should not be repeated. The light rail system was first spoken during the period of Mr. Asım Aykan. About 18 years ago ortak Unless the common mind has been established so far. 6 months have passed since the establishment of the new administration. We're still talking about the way things are set up. The file the President put in front of the President should have a light rail system. They are carrying people under the Marmara Sea in Istanbul, we cannot carry people in Trabzon by means of 3. Açıklama.


Providing information about the project phase, CHP Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality Council Member Turgay Şahin said, “During the Volkan Canalioğlu period, a feasibility study on the light rail system was carried out. In the period of Orhan Fevzi Gümrükçüoğlu, he got out of the agenda of the parliament because it was not profitable. An investigation was launched against the engineers who were awarding the project, by damaging the state. Of course, this subject has become ashy. Later, Orhan Fevzi Gümrükçüoğlu explained that the feasibility study and reports of the project were prepared and went to the Ministry. When we asked President Zorluoğlu about this, he said, "This is an expensive investment, but we will be a follower." The stakeholder of the ministry and the municipality need to do this work. It is expected to be established on Akyazı, Meydan, Karadeniz Technical University and Airport line. Election time projects are flying in the air. They keep it on hold after getting votes. ” He made evaluations for the realization of the projects. (Rabia MOLLAOĞLU - Blew)

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