Overpasses in Manisa That's Breaking!


📩 02/09/2019 12:17

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality built by Mimar Sinan Boulevard and Manisa's first escalator with the distinction of being the first Martyrs and Veterans on the complaints of the Pedestrian Overpass Manisa Metropolitan Municipality made a statement. Security camera images are shared in the statement, emergency stop buttons kicked, hand holding tape slipped and carried on the stairs, such as motorcycle stressed factors that cause distortion was emphasized.

In the statement made by Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, the following technical information about Martyrs and Veterans Pedestrian Overpass was given: There. Escalators 4 Kw engine power, 2 / 15 can operate in outdoor conditions, automatically stop in case of any crossing points in the direction of safety devices and one at the start-end points for the purpose of manual stopping of the emergency stop button, in order to avoid a dangerous situation it has features that can only be operated with the switch. In addition, the machine roomless elevators are designed with 7 kg capacity, 24 stops, fully automatic and stainless steel. ”

There's a kicker and a slippery band!

In the statement that the results of monitoring of the camera records related to the failure of the overpass were shared with the public, üzerine Upon the notification of the continuous failure of the escalators in the Martyrs and Veterans Overpass, the emergency stop button placed on the upper pass to be used against the dangerous situations of citizens is examined. It was found that it was stopped by pressing the ground, sitting on the hand band on the escalators repeatedly and sliding, kicking the buttons. For these reasons, when the hand band is overloaded, the friction and bearing capacity exceeds the deterioration and tearing of the band. Such reasons originating from the belt cause the escalator to stop for safety reasons. Also escalators, motorcycles and so on. during transport of vehicles by taking impact on the mechanical components of the step causes damage. It is requested that the people of Manisa pay attention to use more carefully and meticulously by taking into consideration the issues mentioned in the overpass offered by our municipality. ”

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