Children Going to School by Bicycle in Bilecik

children go on school by bicycle
children go on school by bicycle

Bilecik Municipality, Turkey Healthy Cities Association and Bicyclists Association Bilecik Representative held since 2016 cooperation "Come on Kids Biking to School" once again drew attention to the effectiveness of bicycle use.

Europen School Sport Day (European School Sports Day) within the scope of Besiktas Neighborhood Mayor Semih Tuzak welcomed the children who met in front of the Mukhtar, offered children bagels and fruit juice.

Deputy Mayor Tuzak, who advised children on healthy and active life, congratulated the children for taking part in the meaningful project.

As the Healthy Cities Association, children came to Osmangazi Secondary School with their bicycles in the “Haydi Children on Bike School amacıyla event, which was carried out with the aim of emphasizing the importance of cycling in urban transportation, spreading the awareness that cycling is an effective means of transportation and encouraging the use of bicycles.


Turkey Bilecik Municipality organized events providing information about Hardworking Healthy Cities Association Coordinator Hülya EC which, emphasizing the importance of the organized events, said:

'Today, we are organizing the fifth of our Hayd Let's Go Kids to School by Bicycle etkin event. Our children will go to Osmangazi Middle School with their bikes. We gathered here in the morning and were informed. On Monday and Tuesday, our children were given trainings on cycling in traffic. We want to draw attention to healthy and active life with our children through this activity. For the first time, these two schools, Edebali and Osmangazi Middle School, will take part in the European Sports Week and the European School Sports Day activities on the international platform. We would like to thank our Mayor Semih Şahin for his contributions and our Deputy Mayor Semih Tuzak for their participation. I would also like to thank all our school principals and teachers who contributed to this meaningful project. '

Bilecik Municipality Bicycle Trainer and Project Production Center Officer Hakan Yavuz gave information to the children about the rules of cycling in traffic and the activities to be done for a safe transportation.

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