European Mobility Week Event in Gaziantep

europe mobility week event in gaziantep
europe mobility week event in gaziantep

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality launched the European Mobility Week events, which will be celebrated this year with the slogan of "Safe Walking and Cycling". Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Fatma Şahin, Governor of Gaziantep Davut Gül and many municipal employees have created a “Let's Walk Together Cortege” starting from the Metropolitan Municipality and ending in Gaziantep Castle.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the European Mobility Week in the Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Sahin, from the local to the universal, from the future to the future of cities entered a period of competition, he said.


Şahin said that Gaziantep should continue its way as a rising value in almost every field in the cities race and said, ık We set out for a rising Gaziantep with its sport, culture and most importantly people. We take our greatest strength from our people on this road. Together with the Governor of Gaziantep, Davut Gül, we are working hard for the future of our city.

The world is taking important steps towards healthy living and environmental protection. One of the most important parts of these steps is transportation. Immediately after I became president, we made a Transportation Master Plan with our colleagues, especially our general secretary. In 2040-2050, we searched for answers to questions about where the city was going. We realized the Transportation Master Plan simultaneously with the Development Master Plan. We have an emergency action plan and we made action planning in the medium and long term. The accuracy of the decisions we took within the scope of the studies was seen in a short time. One of the most important decisions we make is to increase the cycle path. Today, we've reached half of our 55 kilometer bike path goal. We intend to integrate bicycle paths with other means of transport. This involves a difficult process. Because we are doing a study that wants people to have a healthier life. We want to change the way people move. We have seen in the decisions we have taken in our study that all the cities of the world are working in this context. Denmark and the Netherlands have reached the highest rate of cycling. The increase in bicycle use includes the formula of healthy living.


If we use Denmark and the Netherlands, we need to change our habits in terms of cycling. Because it's cheap and healthy. The biggest problem in these two countries is the bicycle parking. That is why we need to integrate with the Earth. We need to keep up with the existing bicycle usage rates in these countries. All countries are trying to increase their bike paths. We have a lot of work to do with the bike paths. We're just up the road. First of all, we need to establish a network between Gaziantep University and living spaces. If cycling is regular, our life span is much longer than 5. The rate of fatal traffic accidents among bicycle users is decreasing by 40. Together with the governor of Gaziantep, Davut Gül, we support the bike path project in which our ministers are involved.

Şahinbey and Şehitkamil Municipality are rewarding to increase the use of bicycles. It gives bicycles to citizens who use regular bicycles. So this is a very important work. We will assume our duty. By completing the Transportation Master Plan, we will increase the length of the bike path in the city to 55 kilometers. ”

Gaziantep Governor Davut Gül said, gör We see how important the bicycle path plan is for the world. Within the scope of this project, increasing the use of bicycles in the city by taking the support of our people will bring an important turning point in terms of health. The increase in 5 times with the use of bicycles in human life is an indispensable condition. From this point on, everyone who supports the bicycle path project deserves a thank you ”.

After the speeches, President Şahin gave a bicycle gift to Mehmet Ali Günel who used the most public transportation in 2019 and to Atilla Külekçi, the university student who preferred the GAZİBİS system the most.

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