Turkish Design World's First Dolmuş

turk design world's first stuffing
turk design world's first stuffing

1929 when the economic crisis in Turkey as well as all over the world an shutters closing, she thought how he would take the bread in their homes as cabbies trades.

Chef Halit, who runs a restaurant in Cağaloğlu, started taxiing as long as he became a friend with the tourists but could not do business due to the impact of the crisis.

He thought of allocating the fee to four customers going in the same direction to get a job. When this proposal was accepted, the first taxi service started between Nisantasi and Eminonu.

When cook Halit realized that he would do business, he started to collect customers by voice. ”Come on guys, Eminonu 10 penny, no waiting. We're getting up. Işler

In the days when the citizen took the latest model Ford and gave 60 penny from Talimhane to Eminönü, Chef Halit created an innovation. This innovation, instead of moving a person between Talimhane Eminönü to the 60 penny, created the idea of ​​today's expired by taking 5 person from the 10 penny.

Shortly thereafter, in addition to the Karaköy-Taksim line Şişli-Pangaltı, Fatih-Beyazıt and Sirkeci-Karaköy lines appeared. With the formation of lines used as dolmus cars began to change. Unlike taxis, each passenger boarding a minibus began to pay separately.

The real development of dolmus was after 1945. After the Second World War, Istanbul's population increased rapidly, while public transport remained inadequate. Seeing that minibuses became part of the public transport system, the Municipality had to accept the idea that it had ignored until that day and the first official tariff was declared in 1954. In 1955, one out of every five passengers in Istanbul started to use dolmuş. When the demand increased, minibuses started to be used after 1961.

Dolmuş transportation came out with the idea of ​​Chef Halit moving 5 people to Nişantaşı-Eminönü during the crisis instead of a person.

So the crisis conditions are being turned into opportunities.Dr. Contact Ilhami directly)

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