Free public transportation across the resort in Sanliurfa

sanliurfada collective transportation throughout the holiday
sanliurfada collective transportation throughout the holiday

Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality takes the necessary measures throughout the city for the Sanliurfalans to spend the Ramadan Feast in peace and comfort.

On the day of the holiday, the citizens of the city on the day of the free service for free public transportation to the service of the Metropolitan Municipality, has started additional visits to the cemetery.

Metropolitan cleaning activities to ensure that the grave visits of citizens, security measures to increase the metropolitan, during the festival will respond to any complaints about air and noise pollution.

In addition, the workplace monitoring of the workplace because of the police teams also tightened the routine checks. Detaining past confectionery products and products that detect the police teams, to meet the demands of citizens instantly 24 hours will be ready.

Sanliurfa Metropolitan Municipality General Directorate of ŞUSKİ will provide 24 hours of service in water, sewage and counter faults throughout the city. Citizens; call ALO 185 for water and sewerage faults.

In addition, the Metropolitan Municipality will provide services to the Emergency Response Team to intervene in the road, pavement and similar problems during the festival. Citizens, during the festival may request requests and suggestions about municipal units Alo 153 No.

13 will continue to work at many centers in the district. Citizens, fire and similar natural disasters related to the 112 Emergency Call Center will be able to notify.

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