MHP Mersin Deputy Şimşek, All Level Crossings Barrier Requested

mhp mersin deputy simsek all level crossing barrier was asked
mhp mersin deputy simsek all level crossing barrier was asked

After the train accident in Yenice, which caused the disaster in Mersin, MHP Mersin deputy Baki Şimşek was asked to barrier all level crossings.

The accident freight train carrying agricultural workers Syrians recently as late last non-barrier level crossings in Mersin, Turkey Grand National Assembly last (Parliament) Maintenance with the MHP Mersin deputy was lightning. Speaking about the train accident that occurred in Mersin at the General Assembly of Lightning, asked for a barrier to all level crossings.

Deputy Simsek, Tarsus district of Mersin, 1 people were killed, 4 people were injured in the accident where the measures should be taken by expressing, “Yenice district of Mersin Tarsus freight train carrying workers carrying the 1 citizens lost their lives! heavily injured our 2 citizens. After the incident, unfortunately, the worker's van stopped on the railway and there was no barrier at the scene. In our interview with the authorities, the number of vehicles passing through the barrier is not enough, and despite the correspondence, the barrier was not placed. The entire railroad between Adana and Mersin passes through the residential areas. I am calling from the Minister of Transport here. There should be a barrier for all level crossings passing through the residential area of ​​the railroad between Adana-Mersin and again in the direction of Ankara-Adana. No accidents, people don't die. Kul

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